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Assassin's Craft 3 - Reveal Trailer

Remember the Battlecraft 3 mashup? Avemagnadude with a new mashup: Minecraft and Assassin's Creed 3.


  • alwadhani

    loved it

  • jiggles100

    @bart is this blender or machinima?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Done in Blender


    that is very sweet .

  • tyrant monkey

    Pretty cool avemangadude you got massive skills man

  • T.E. Mencer

    That is pretty, stinkin, epic.

  • Mike

    One of the best Blender creations I've seen. Epic.

  • Dave H

    Wireframes please??? :D

  • CubOfJudashLion

    This is pretty awesome.

  • rylan wright

    Nice !Skillfully done:)

  • PyroEvil

    Funny to see! Good job.
    I worked on the original video ( lighting/rendering on the night shots ).
    This one is better then the original ! ;-)

    • Guest

      what Renderengine was used for the official trailer?

      • tyrant monkey

        I think digic uses arnold, I know the revelations and mass effect trailers were rendered in arnold so I assume its the same with the creed 3 trailer. I love their work I always watch the revelations trailer wgen i need to be insipired

        • PyroEvil

          Nope, rendered with Vray.
          This trailer ( the original one ) are not done by Digic. We use Arnold for XSI too but for this one we use 3DsMax with Vray.

          • PyroEvil

            okay .... this reply reappear ... weird!

          • guest

            Ah vray would have been my guess thanks for the reply.
            Disqus always hides your comments for a few minutes, I always have the same "problem"

          • PyroEvil

            In unregistred user ,for me is the inverse. It's appear instantly but disapear few minutes/hours ago. Some of them reappear like the one above. Some of them just lost and I never see it again. Btw ... now I'm registred and now is seem to be okay. For information , the official trailer is done by Ubik Creative Studio , a internal creative studio of Ubisoft Montreal. (look at the right of the webpage beside of 2011 in the timeline for a short description of the studio):

          • Bart Veldhuizen

            Weird.. I'll keep an eye on it. If this keeps happening, please let me know and I'll contact Disqus support.

        • PyroEvil

          Ok , I have a lot of problem with disqus or the website! My reply are deleted every time. Now I register on disqus and hope my reply are not deleted.
          The original trailer is rendered with Vray and it's not make by Digic. We use Arnold(xsi) and Vray (3dsmax).

  • Greck

    Haha, to me this looks like EPIC LEGO ^^

  • Michele Arena

    Good job!

    Clap, clap, clap, clap!

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