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Sci-Fi City Animated Concepts

By Tom Walks.

Tom writes:

A week of tweaks. 1080p Artworks here 1, 2.

All done in blender, internal render. I made some corrections with GIMP for the to images.


  • onjoFilms

    That's pretty sweet Tom. Just curious, what kind of tweaks did you do in GIMP for the animation?

    • TomWalks

      Hi. Well, Gimp (in post') was only used for the two images, adding smoke, a little color correction, and selectively blurring rough edges using a "painting" like filter (I d'ont know how it's called in english, but .. the filter that makes your images looking like a painted image).

      • onjoFilms

        Thanks, that's what I thought, that it was for the still images only. Again, nice work.

  • kidarcade

    Awesome work,
    How long did it take to model and texture?

    • TomWalks

      Hi and thanks, this represents a good week of work, I didn't really plan anything at first, I just wanted it to look good. Moving, scaling, changing colors, etc..

  • T.E. Mencer

    Man, people who can pull this stuff off makes me jealous. I wish I could sit here and just get paid working on models and animations and crap. Would be a dream come true.

  • Stuart Dunstan

    That is one cool looking city.

  • Guitar

    Great work. Nice audio also. :)

  • sendercorp

    Very pretty work . I kind wish to see bit more of gold theme in buildings .Maybe that huge MAN, bracing the cosmos like pose could have been in gold . You know future gold is a good material and will be composed almost everyone's home :) ,well again very nice scene :)

  • sendercorp

    Very nice work ! I kid a wish to see gold theme in buildings maybe that man statue bracing the cosmos like pose could have been in polished bight gold .

  • sendercorp

    I do apologize for the double post ,sory .

  • TomWalks

    Thanks a lot for showing this here, I'm very grateful to you.

  • Alex Kemmler

    This was fine but it's a little disappointing that even when knocking off a 30-year old movie (Blade Runner) there wasn't any improvement on the realism of the original. In fact it was a little worse.

  • Lyle Walsh

    Like BladeRunner without the rain

  • Jesus

    Nah, looks too fake.

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