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Car Sketch

By Pavel Shabanov.

I'd like to share a little test with Grease Pencil and Wacom.


  • Thommie Karlsson

    Weird looking cat.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Already fixed the spelling error ;-)

  • beta-tester

    nice idea, how many handmade lines did you draw for that... ? :D
    that remembers me, to ask, how far is freestyle to go to blender trunk?

    • Pavel Shabanov

      didn't count, but it took me 2 days to play with :)

  • crins

    !! Great idea !! and lovely execution. Now to fire up Blender and look for the grease pencil on surface option. Or is it a way of texturepainting with grease pencil?

    • Pavel Shabanov

      it's a painting on surface :)

  • Ignatz

    I can totally appreciate the amount of quality time that went into this animation. Nice result!
    I'm curious as to what you did to render this work.


    Oh yes ,lots of work and fine results . Nice one bro .

  • Jono

    could this be turned into a UV map? to deform/move with the surface? Or by default is it somehow bound to the surface when you paint on it?

    • Pavel Shabanov

      I didn't think how to convert strokes into UV-map, but in this example I converted them into Bezier-Curves :)

      • E. Crins

        And then? B-Curves [solidify] ? Because I then get round tubes......

        • Pavel Shabanov

          no, just extrude the curve a little bit

          • E. Crins

            Almost there... I extruded all in x direction... Wha would be the trick to extrude along the surface? Or did you do all sufaces separate (please tell me you didn't)?

          • Pavel Shabanov

            In edit mode with selected curve I rotated the direction using Ctrl+T

  • comeinandburn

    great idea and awesome result. You must have gotten hand cramps after all that work:)

  • MxD

    Nice and interesting ! Thanks for sharing :-)

  • rylan wright

    I'm inspired.I take it this land in the area of NPR rendering technique?

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