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Videoclip: Paint that Picture

By Oh Yeah Wow!

Josh Thomas writes:

Hiya Blenderers!

Oh Yeah Wow (our Melbourne based studio) recently completed the post work on a music video called 'Paint That Picture' for folk artist Jack Gramski. It is the latest music video from OH YEAH WOW, a Melbourne based collective of creatives, obsessives and eccentrics. If you want to an idea about how the studio functions, think Willy Wonka but with animation instead of chocolate.

Darcy Prendergast

A typical work day for the group involves drastic studio redecorations, sudden concept sessions, pranks, soccer breaks and animation hours that would have Walt Disney spinning in his grave.

The collective consists of around fifteen people but is predominantly driven by what the group refer to as the ‘Core Five’ - Darcy Prendergast, Josh Thomas, Seamus Spilsbury, Mike Greaney and Samuel Lewis. All five have backgrounds in stopmotion animation, but with a shared curiosity for everything, the studio has made it’s first foray into the land of 3D.

Josh Thomas (left), Seamus Spilsbury (right)

The clip marks the directorial debut for Josh Thomas, who was keen to exploit his years of tinkering with Blender for something practical.

Production was started before the integration of 3D motion tracking in a stable Blender release, so the pipeline included tracking in various external programs and then importing into Blender for animation.

The creepy block monsters were created using a mixture of extruded primitives, explode modifier, solidify modifier and boids particles. With 47 visual effects shots, the monster setup needed to be relatively simple. A setup that could be duplicated and tweaked on a shot to shot basis but still be visually interesting enough to sustain a three and a half minute clip. It was largely in the planning, much like the visual effects in their clip for Gotye’s ‘Easy Way Out’ and the upcoming Aloe Blacc/ Wax Tailor clip. The studio stands by their winning formula that poor business sense + alcohol = ambitious ideas.

You can follow our exploits on Facebook.


  • Michalis Gkiokas

    A little bird came this morning through my window and told me that Blender will revolutionize Cinema... :)

  • T.E. Mencer

    I don't think I want this job.

    But the video looks pretty awesome. The music, also.

  • antalya

    very beautiful brickgame aproach
    very well

  • Kirill Poltavets

    go, Ghost Busters! :D
    Nice movie, thank you!

  • Talha Lodhi

    the animation, and vfx is great, but i didnt get the concept?

  • wasa

    While the visual quality is top notch. This is another one of those videos that seems like it was done just to try and be different. Watching it didn't make me feel the music, it just made me brain scream "WHAT!?" cause I have no idea what i'm watching or how I feel other than confused.
    As I said, the visual quality is great, the overall production value however feels very low. Like reading a picture book with the wrong pictures. Maybe it's just me..


    Just because it looks pretty much professional work , I go ugh yeah sure , but ,indeed it is one awesome clip and blender does shine again here . Oh yes , I was reading block monsters .I think because most of us here ,are blenderheads blocks , at least to me ,were not all that scary . Anywhat Cool piece I would like to see another one for sure .

  • Chris Hammang

    The story in the video is probably fairly abstract. Since the song is about painting I think the floating cube arrays might be metaphors for artistic ideas which the protagonist is trying to catch. So in a way it might be about the fleeting nature of creative ventures and the difficulty of trying to capture expressions.

  • Peter Houlihan

    That's so amazing. It didn't fit the music at all but I don't really care. I want to play that game!

    • Steve Taylor

      I watched it with the sound down, so I have no idea what the music is like. I thought the clip told a good visual story.

  • Symphony


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