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Developer Meeting Notes, July 22, 2012

Ooooh :)

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

Here's the notes from today's meeting in #blendercoders:

1) Blender 2.64 - upcoming release

  • The bug tracker is still on 300 open issue, a too high total!
  • Release notes: Sergey Sharybin started to list bugfixes, but needs help.
  • OpenColorIO work stays in Tomato branch for now, but can go to trunk - if finished & tested & approved at least.
  • Jens Verwiebe suggests to make multitouch / trackpads support a user-preference option, easier to control behaviour that way (as opposed to automatic checks).
  • Collada reports: these were moved to the todo wiki in the past. Now it can get accepted in tracker and assigned to Gaia Clary.
  • Campbell Barton: new mask rasterizer now is finished - it also supports unfilled curves (nice for masking out wires) and different interpolation falloff.
  • Mask UI is still messy, will get cleaned/improved. A doc needs to be published still too, this will clear up confusion as well.
  • Voronoi fracture now is usable: recursion bugs and a bad crash were fixed.

2) Other projects

  • blog: Ton Roosendaal reminds everyone to also use it to copy over posts from own blogs.

3) Google Summer of Code

  • Alex Kuznetsov released a new Android Blender game player. It now supports mouse emulation and .blend reading.
  • Nicholas Rishel: will check with Alex on multitouch ghost help
  • Miika Hamalainen added smoke color - see video above.


  • Aniruddha Hardikar

    Great to see developments on smoke sims and android! All the best to the devs and GSoC guys!

  • tfs

    any news on freestyle?

  • Jedibeeftrix

    AMD/OpenCL support in Cycles?

  • 4museman

    Oh, so many bugs! If they were in Python code only, I could help. C and C++ is still alien world for me.

  • Martin

    Thanks everyone for your hard work. Just a point about the smoke sim. I've always had to adjust the domain due to clipping. And it is doing the same in the example (watch the top of the sim). Suggest a manual offset with the auto resizing of the domain.

    • Linny

      this is not really necessary anymore, because we have adaptive and animatable domain already. you can scale the domain to whatever size you want without slowing down simulation times, because it reduces the necessary cells to calculate dynamically. i just forgot to scale the domain to a size where the smoke doesn't hit the walls.

      • Caleb Jones

        But it runs into the top!

  • Dani

    I gave a look at the bug tracker as I know both Python ad C++. I must admit I don't know really where to start. The bugs there seem VERY specific, nested in systems that require special knowledge (rendering, physics sim...). This is a side effect of getting high end features inside : you get high end bugs :)

  • blender

    more stabile exporter for indigo renderer

  • kilon

    I agree , if blender wants to really fight those bugs 2 things must happend

    a) Better documentation of the code , plus cleaner code

    b) Start porting code to python (yes it can be done without slowing down Blender)

    Blender may need to have some releases focusing only on bugs and force developers to concetrate on bugs. I am a developer , I hate fixing bugs like the next guys but it needs to get done and I do it.

  • antalya

    all non edited primatives segments could be changable
    (now short time could use, after added another previus could not editable)

  • Zecc

    The bug tracker is still at 300?
    This is madness!

    • Kirill Poltavets

      so you can help to cut off some "non-bugs" or tell reporters about incomplete reports.

    • Pete

      No this is SSSSSSparta! Just kidding. :P

      • Zecc

        That was exactly the response I was waiting for, so thank you. ;)

        • Pete

          Your welcome. :)

  • mice

    I would really like to hear news from the outline modifier. It seems like such an AWESOME tool for presenting technical machines. Edge rendering just isn't good enough for that.

  • dron09

    Collada go away from newest builds?

  • ??? ???


  • Emerson

    A big thak you to the development team, guys, you have been doing a great effort on this wonderful software!

  • Fable Fox

    Regarding bugs:

    You need multiple domains to fix bugs sadly. Not only a person must understand C/C++ or Python, but also the mathematics / logic / physics behind the bugs itself. And depending on the domain, that could include other libraries, or api (read: windows file system, etc).

    At least that is my understanding...

  • Fable Fox

    Yeah, I do download the code via TortoiseSVN, its not scary, but yeah, complex for a beginner like me.

  • june8

    Glow material for Cycles
    Cycles documents, tutorials, material database

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