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Model: Assault Craft

By Kuhn0362.

Kuhn0362 writes:

So I decided it was time to work on my texturing skills (got some great brushes and advice from YAZJACK). Unfortunately, most of my stuff was too high-poly for the project.

I have therefore created this thing. I was shooting for about 25K polys, and ended up around 31K. Oh well. It doesn’t crash Blender when I try to unwrap it, which was the point.

I’m not sure what this vehicle is, but it seems to have lots of weapons on it:)

I’ll post the final scene when I get done educating myself on Texturing, Cycles, Rendering, etc. In the meantime, I thought someone might have a use for it. This one’s a freebie – CC0.



  • Mal Praktis

    Nice modeling work. I would hate to be on the business end of all those weapons. LOL

  • Mal Praktis

    Very nice modeling. I like this a lot. I would hate to be on the business end of all those weapon systems. LOL

  • Shells

    Nice! That looks like it can give someone the business. I would love to see this thing textured and maybe even animated. A simple observation if I may. With all of those guns usually you have to sacrifice armor protection. It also seems like more of an attack craft unless there is a compartment for troops or vehicles that I cannot see. All in all though it looks cool. Thanks for sharing.

    • Chris Kuhn

      I did this model... and you are absolutely correct. There are a lot of practical issues with this vehicle. For instance, the "gun pods" are too low to the ground relative to the landing gear (a rough landing would make them hit the pavement). Heck, I'm not even sure how the cockpit is supposed to open up, or how you're supposed to get into it without a ladder. Lots of engineering problems here:) But I did post it as CC0, which means you can modify it to your heart's content and post it as your own... I would love to see an improved version out there!


  • TFS

    Me i'd double on on the wheels for the undercarriage and beef up the supports.

    nice model though

    • Chris Kuhn

      lol... yeah, that's a good point. Unless the suspension is made of unobtanium, which I just decided it is:)

  • Rod Beasley

    Great looking model for may be Scifi/Fantasy. On the technical side it would't actually fly on a planet with an atmosphere. Wings would't support it, no aerodynamics and the wing pods would hit the ground during take off and landing. That said, just as a great model. Superb work all round I say.

    • Caleb Jones

      Maybe they're only intended as stylish weapon racks?

      • Chris Kuhn

        Indeed, sir. You are correct:) To the extent that I thought about physics, I figured the thrusters on the bottom would handle the lift and the aft engines would provide the thrust. I never imagined that this was built for high-speed flight, more like a jungle attack chopper or something.

    • Chris Kuhn

      I noticed the problem with the gun pods once I got done modelling it. Technically there is clearance between the ground and the pods, although the suspension would certainly compress on a landing. As far as atmosphereic flight, the wings were not intended to provide lift, merely to be large support struts.

  • Svcam04

    Looks like an adaptation from Blender Cookie's vehicle modeling series. I like how the focus was on lower poly.

    • Chris Kuhn

      Actually no... Although i have seen that series and its awesome. If anything, this was inspired by the shape of the White Star ship from Babylon 5. And of course various helicopters and aircraft un real life.

    • Chris Kuhn

      I refer to this thing: You can see the similarities in the wings and gun pods, particularly.

  • seanser

    Great looking model. Even though it is nit picking a little, I do agree with the comment about the wings seeming as if they would be baring a little too much weight but I'm sure the model could be easily adapted to an x-wing style set up with larger wings above those supporting the guns. It's a top job all the same and very generous of you to share it, I would love to see a final textured render!

    • Chris Kuhn

      Hmmm... that is possibly true about the wings. Although if you look at a 747 head on, you wouldn't necessarily think those wings could support the engines.

  • upretirementman

    It appears that the wing on the my left is more or less straight and the one on my right is bent down quite a bit. Perhaps you could make them the same. Good job otherwise.

    • Chris Kuhn

      It appears you have not downloaded the file. The mirror modifier is still on for this render, so unless zombies have infected my computer the right side is an EXACT mirror of the left. I'm perfectly happy to accept valid criticism (see above), but this comment is just silly.

      • upretirementman

        Sorry about that silly comment. I did download since then, and they are the same. I separated the engine and made a .smf file of it so it can be installed in a Monster Truck in the game 4x4Evo2. Thanks.

        • upretirementman

          You said you needed more practice in modeling, so check out the blog which I post to and see another side of modeling in that you can drive your creations on tracks you make yourself:

        • Chris Kuhn

          No problem...

          That's an interesting use for the engine:) If you're interested, I have another blend file filled with mechanical parts that might be of use. Just search Blendernation for "Gadgets, Gizmos, and Greebles".

  • ryanjohnsond


  • bartol

    The guns on the wing tips remind of the BFG-9000 from Doom.

  • Pete

    Thats in front is a mini gun. And i think some of the robots are hell fires.

    • Chris Kuhn

      Good catch. I loosely based the missiles on hellfires.

  • Joe

    OMG this is awesome!

  • Chris Kuhn


    I built this model and I'm glad to see so much interest in it. However, I have to point out a few things. First of all, this was built in about an hour just to test out some textures. I did not intend to produce an aerodynamically functional vehicle (as if I'd know how to do that!). This is the reason I licensed it CC0. This license means that anyone is totally free to take this, do whatever they want with it, and post it as their own. A friend of mine is an aeronautical engineer and is currently drawing up a massive list of problems for me to correct. Doh!

    On a lighter note, I am looking for suggestions for my next project. I generally do Sci-Fi/Military stuff, but I'm adaptable. Tell me what kind of stuff you're interested in. Star Trek? Star Wars? Battlestar:G? Original designs? Let me know.

    Also, if you have some 2D concept art or blueprints, I'd be happy to do a 3D model free of charge. I'm just getting started with this stuff, so I work for free at this point. Take advantage!



    • Chute_that_man

      An hour? *cough* Really...?

      • Chris Kuhn

        Thanks for the sarcasm:) Yes, an hour. Because I have a big fat blend file with tons of pre-made parts.

  • Sean Drohan

    Do you have a time lapse of the creation?

    • Chris Kuhn

      No, I wish I did. The video capture software that I used before was shareware, and my trial period expired. One of these days I will find a replacement.

  • Ranius Oblivio

    I see this is a clay render and you mention cycles. Please tell me that you're on AMD with OpenCL functioning properly.
    Stupid comment, I know, but when I try to clay something with my gpu I just end up with a blank/black screen.

    Great model though. Personally, I don't see a problem with lacking aerodynamics, It is sci-fi afterall. How about trying out something that gives off a flying aura but doesn't really look like a plane? Perhaps the concept is contradictory so no sweat.

  • Fernando Recio Gonzalez

    @9275cabcd649fdaf3f7a72ecd2d378f9:disqus don't be stupid Cycles also can render as clay render is some where (i speak Spanish)

    • R.Oblivio

      You mean Cycles has an internal clay render script? I downloaded an old clay script for Blender 2.49 or some such. Is there another one that works?

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