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Cell Fracturing Tutorial


This is a long video tutorial about the new voronoi cell fracturing tools in the new Blender 2.64 test build.

Daniel Kreuter writes:

This video contains:

  1. Information about how to activate the features
  2. A demonstration of what it can do
  3. An explanation about almost every single value
  4. Experimental examples of what this tool can be used for

The Cell Fracturing tools were integrated into Blender just a few days ago and I couldn't wait to make a video about this features. Of course it took me a while to get familiar with all the new values but I think I understood most of it now and I'm doing my best in the video to explain all I know.

I hope you'll enjoy watching this video


  • drobbins

    excellent, thank you soo much!

  • R Janssens

    Voronoi fracturing is a joy to play around with

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Great new feature, and very useful video ! Thanks for sharing. Breaking things will be much easier !

  • ping0

    I wonder how well it looks on objects with smooth shading? Does it conveniently sharpen the normals near the edges?

    More broadly how are normals treated after fracture?

  • graphixgeek

    I can smell a lot of Hulk/Thor/Iron Man renders with smashed walls in the making...

  • T.E. Mencer

    Wow, this looks nice! I can imagine making some great random debis with this!

  • Rob62

    The grease pencil line that allow to cut the model in 2 with the cellfracture seesm to be a nice knifing tool.
    But in the video, the model is not cut where the grease pencil stroke is made, it looks like it cuts in a completely different direction ?

    • David Blake

      The grease pencil line itself was not used in the calculation.
      The grease pencil line start and end points are what is used to create points.
      The fracture plugin creates a cell around these points and where these cells meet a fracture is generated.

      • John D Smith II

        It looks like the points in the line tell Blender where the pieces will go, not the cut itself. Kinda the opposite of the way the knife tool works. It seems to cut along the lines "normals" ,so to speak, with the point itself being the new pieces center of gravity. Thats how it looked to me anyway.

  • Chris Alexander

    Hopefully it will be integrated into the Bullet GSoC project this year.

  • Olaf

    Something similar for the Game Engine would be awesome! I can just imagine a FPS with bits of brick and wood splasing all over the place when you shoot at a wall or a tree

    • -Blendy-

      You can do that already :) If you understand German (or at least just watch) I know a tutorial from
      He is workind with the old fracture-AddOn, but when he program the GameEngine, it is pretty the same.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Hi, Daniel!
    Cool review! And thanks for the tips!!!

  • Pete

    It´s like you can read my mind, this is exactley what i want.

  • Lyle Walsh

    wonderful vid, great work explaining this

  • Lampros Liontos

    For the material selector, keep in mind that values start at 0, not at 1. This means the green material was 0, and the red material was 1.

  • Matt Heimlich

    Any chance we'll see the ability to use a series of planes for more precise cuts?

  • Brian Lockett

    This is not only awesome for animation, but this looks very promising for destructible environments in games! Now, if we just get the Android support for BGE, as well as alpha-enabled shadows and built-in water shaders...

  • onjoFilms

    That's great news because the old Fracture addon crashes with 17 or more fractures. Awesome.

  • Jonathan L

    Wow, awesome! Part 1... does that mean there will be more!
    Thanks a lot for this, it really helped. I cant wait till bullet physics gets integrated into non BGE so that we can do this real time.

  • Josiah Carlson

    Thank you! very well made!
    For anyone wanting to 'freeze' the logic of your fractures pieces until a collision is made, check out step 9 of this tut

    Thanks again for such a helpful video!

  • tim

    Mine does not fall. What am I doing wrong?

  • http://wickedwigsrc jerri

    Where did you learn how to use fracture, I would like to learn all there is to know about Blender and can not find any full training for it, not even through buying DVD training

  • tr00don

    Is it possible to limit the number of vertices per cell/shard in Cell Fracture? Thanks.

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