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Video: Workflow of Digital Dictation

By AgenZasBrothers.

AgenZasBrothers write:

Hi everyone,

you may remember our last 3d animation for our client Grundig Business Systems. Now we've made another 3d animation for the same client. It's about the workflow of digital dictation.

All 3d work was done in Blender, rendered in Cycles and postproduction in Adobe After Effects.

Thanks and best regards


  • Christos Georgakas

    Very nice! cycles is getting really cool for things like that! good work guys my personal fav is the ending as a viewer mainly because of the motion and the dof!

  • T.E. Mencer

    So ... strinkin ... professional ...

    Nice work.

  • Ignatz

    Extremely clean work. Good production values. Understated, but effective animation. I give it a thumbs up! ;)

  • Benson

    Very nice work! Love the renderings. One thing - the colour: it's all(most) grey - maybe client's wish but a nice touch of blue would give this commercial a more pleasant look. However - really got job guys! keep going!

  • sendercorp

    Lovely . It is always , very much inspiring to see a professional work done .

  • MD

    Very nice!
    Do you guys have plans to make another making of? I would be really interested to learn how you rigged the cables since I recently had a similar situation in one of my projects.

    • TheElwolf

      you might want to take a look at oscurart_spline_to_armature add-on here; There's also a video tut. (not much to show really; it actually automate the creation of a bone(armature) for each ''handle'' of the spline)

      Hope it helps. :)

    • Zacharias Reinhardt

      Thanks! I dont think that another making-of would be so interesting, because most of the workflow was the same as in the other video. I already recorded an short tutorial, I'll upload it in the next days. It's in german, but you'll see how I made the cabel-rig. But if you don't want to wait, here an short discription: Add a Curve with as less vertice as possible, than add a bezier circle and use this as bevel object for the curve and scale it how you need it – now you have the cable. Than select the curve and switch into edit mode, select the first vertex and press shift + s and cursor to selected. Now switch to object mode and add an empty. Then select the empty, hold shift and select the curve. Now you can switch into edit mode and select the vertex which is on the same position like the empty, now press ctrl + h to add a hook (hook to selected object). If you now switch back to object mode, you can move the empty, and you'll see the cable is moving with it. Now repeat these steps for the other vertice of the cable. This method I've used, maybe there are some comfortablier ways, but it workt good!

  • Ravi Shekhar

    very nice work !

  • Ganesha Adiguna

    clean animation, cool!

  • Blendiac

    Those envelopes falling have motion blur... my svn version of Blender doesn't have motion blur in Cycles yet, or was that vector blur / a separate BI scene?

    • Zacharias Reinhardt

      You're right, we rendered it in cycles without motion blur and then we used vector blur in a seperate BI scene.

      • Light

        btw, how do you rig the folding paper airplane?

        • Zacharias Reinhardt

          This I did with shape keys. First I've cut the plane in all the parts I need and then I've created one shape key for every folding.

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