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BlenderDiplom Modifier Contest

Do you have what it takes to create a design using only Blender native primitives and modifiers? Join the BlenderDiplom contest and win!

BlenderDiplom writes:

Contest Rules:

  • You may only use the Blender native mesh primitives.
  • You may not use sculpt mode
  • You may use Edit Mode, but only to modify weight, crease, sharp, bevel weight and vertex groups and to unwrap or assign materials. No deformation in edit mode are allowed
  • Lattices and Curves may be modified in edit mode.
  • Curves may only be used as a path or a curve deform object, not rendered.
  • You may only use the generate and deform and modifiers, simulation modifiers are not allowed.
  • You may use any renderer you like.
  • You may use the Blender Compositor for finishing touches, but your work should be more 3D than compositing.
  • In order to verify that you have used nothing but modifiers and primitives, you will have to provide the blendfile if chosen as a winner.
  • You can submit your content here:

Deadline is 1st of August! The winners will be determined by Gottfried Hofmann and Frederik Steinmetz.


1st and 2nd prize: One VIP-Ticket for Campus Party Berlin 2012. Not the ordinary one you can get for 128,- Euros but a special ticket with access to the VIP area and more.

3rd prize: One item from the e-store!



  • Matt Heimlich

    That's actually a really cool idea for a contest. I can't wait to see what people come up with.

  • filipc

    Open culture and Vips only.
    I h*a*t-e it.
    As well as ugly word filters on forums as these.

    • Nick Rishel

      I understand your sentiment, but I believe you might be a little zealous in your beliefs. Prizes at all are in their own ways a form for VIP treatment, not everyone who enters will automatically get them.

      • filipc

        Nick, I am afraid you don't understand. I am only angry at that sort of convention in Berlin.
        Even in Rome or Jerusalem there is no sacrosaint place where ordinary Catholics may not come.
        Can I win a meet and greet with Ton Roosendaal at the Blender Conference ? :)

        • Brian Lockett

          If I had to guess, the VIP area probably involves a special early showing available among the many event stages during the course of this six-day 24-hour-daily technology festival, so I don't think you have anything to worry about.

  • graphixgeek

    That's a great idea, but perhaps you could come up with an alternate 1st prize for those of us who might want to participate, but aren't in Germany/Europe to join in the festivities. I'm in the states, and, not speaking for anyone else but me, 3rd prize looks pretty good given my geolocation situation.

    • graphixgeek

      Please understand, I'm not saying I could win Third Prize...but you might want to motivate all these blenderheads whose work is far superior to mine to go for First Prize without having the stigma of contestants thinking "well, I could go for first place, but what would I do with the ticket if I won it?". That's all.

      • Ben Amend

        I agree; the third prize sounds great, but I don't have any use for the ticket, and I don't want to take it from someone who does...

  • Michael Kubinyi

    Where is the fish animation modifier? Are types allowed as primitives?
    Something like

  • PrinterKiller

    It's actually pretty hard to do something with all those limitations (Especially without the simulation modifiers) . It will be very surprising to see something good coming out of this.

  • Warcreep

    This is just like my first 3D project in college. Because not everyone that took the course had previous experience with 3D, the lecturer gave an intro project similar to this, but in 3Ds Max. In order to get everyone comfortable with the work flow and tools available to them.
    Nice idea for a blender contest. It will be quite an interesting experience for both blender pros and noobs.

  • Beauregard

    What about the Mesh deform? Could I use edit mode to deform a mesh used for a mesh deform modifier?

  • Abhay Raja

    one Q can we use Dupliverts ?

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