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Blender at Swiss Summer Camp

PasVacImageKids in Switserland get a chance to learn about Blender.

Alain (mcBlyver) writes:

Hi everybody,

I'm proud to announce that we are doing it again: Introducing Blender to a group of young people (14-15 years old).

We allready organised this event in 2010, if you can remember this.

The principe is the same: one day to discover (a tiny little overview of) this amazing and astonishing tool which is Blender.

Like 2 years ago, the reservations are closed. We didn't do any advertising for this event, because only the girls and boys who are in the scools in the area around us received the "Passeport-Vacances" and are also allowed to register.

We know yet that 7 boys want to know a little more about Blender and we hope we will create a burst of enthusiasm with them.

You can find here the site of the "Passeport-Vacances".
And you can read (PDF) the full program here (Blender-Day has number 219).

Thank you everyone who is involved in Blender development,

it is just unbelievable what you do every day !

Alain (mcBlyver)


  • Alain

    Cool, bonne chance ! :-)

    Alain (de la suisse aussi)

  • Roberto Locatelli

    Very important this kind of meeting because the commercial softwares try to conquer the young hearts and minds since its early ages. We got to arrive before them.

  • Dewald

    I wish I was introduced to blender at such an early age. I am sure blender will capture the imagination of some of them.

  • Alexandre Prokoudine

    "s/Switserland/Switzerland/" Excuse me, I'm Swiss! :)

  • rodcreation

    wow... this is very good. if you want some teatcher, i can come, i live near geneva between Chamonix and Geneva in France...

  • Mitt

    That poster frightens me.

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