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By M.Christopher Lee.

M.Christopher Lee writes:

Here Is my blender work.....modeling, texturing,lighting,rendered in blender internal......

Blender screenshot:


  • loler

    what is that theme?

  • Charles HETIER

    I like the way the scene is illuminated, this is half photorealistic/fantastic.
    nice textures on fishes.
    great work. Is there any higher definition version?

    • Christopher Lee
      • Charles HETIER

        Still nice ;-) thanks!

        • Christopher Lee

          welcome dude:)

  • nita

    awesome render lee... nice colors and composition.. :)

    • Christopher Lee

      thanx nita:)

  • randomname

    love the sharp foreground, as well as the fancy out of focus background stuff :D
    you can do finding nemo part 2 alone ^^

    • Christopher Lee

      thanks man:)

  • Richard Slater

    Muito bom mesmo parabéns. Você teria um tutorial? thank's

  • Newbs

    Man , this is incredible. I'm sort of a newbie, so I always am amazed at how well everyone else can create this stuff. This is just awesome! One thing I wanted to ask is, how do you change the UI to be all dark and stuff? I am always watching tutorials and I notice their toolbars and stuff. Thanks for sharing this awesome piece of artwork!

    • Joshua™

      Pull up you user preferences by hitting Ctrl+Alt+U. Find the button near the top that says "Themes". There you can edit the colors in the UI. You could also select one of the presets, like Back to Black, or Ubuntu Ambiance, to get a darker theme. Blender cookie has a tutorial all about this:

      Hope that helped!

  • Tamás Márton


    • Christopher Lee

      thank you:)


    very nice work and cool blender color theme .

    • Christopher Lee

      thank u:)

  • pete

    Thats some ecxellent textures!

    • Christopher Lee

      thank you pete:)

  • 8-bit

    hmm, can't put my finger on it. perhaps it's the lighting, colors, or composition or something else. but I really love the look of this! Perhaps it's what Charles said, half photorealistic/fantasy. I'd love to see this come alive or something else with the same look to it!

    • 8-bit

      Aha! I'm a bit slow here....It's the lack of caustics and/or water shader that gives these fish a unreal look! Almost like they're floating in the air. I think if a fog layer was added it may look more realistic, but I think i'd probably prefer this look as it's a bit unique IMO. Cool stuff!

  • Christopher Lee

    friends thank u for your comments:)

  • Michael g

    I think he forgot to add a water reflection, but it's a nice work.

  • Karlis Stigis

    Nice! But I would like to see it in more detail.

  • Tommy

    I like the composition and feeling of the image, although there's still room for a lot of improvements (like translucent fins).

  • Jeremiah

    tommy is right, the fins should be translucent, and i think that a light blue atmosphere shader would make it look more like water, yet still very clear water, the models are great, yet look stiff. All the fish seem to be absolutely straight. i have not personally seen the center fish, but it looks like the texture is a little strong. it is as it is a great scene.

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