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By DeNapes.

DeNapes writes:

This model is similar to the normal drums but not entirely the same, because I only had a reference image. The reflections of the drums and cymbals are generated with an HDR image (which is packaged) and also use environment lighting. I hope you enjoy it.



  • Pixelated Profanity

    This is a bit stupid, but can someone tell me whether the background is a huge plane or something else?

    • Thomas Timmins

      i think the bg is just a plane that has been scaled up to take up the cameras view

  • nolan

    Like the image but I'm not sure the drums would be playable with the height of the rims over the skins.

    • pete

      It looks odd yes.One other thing that looks a bit off is the color of the background having exactly the same color as the skins. Other from that its a great model.

  • AnyMation

    The drums' legs - and especially the front cymbals legs - are floating above the ground.

    And why is the scene so dark?

  • guest

    It's completely out of proportions, seems a children drum

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Great models!
    Just a little mess with proportions and a bad background - not so bad. So come on - stop blaming these little mistakes!

  • DeNapes

    sorry guys i didn't know the proportions. I am hardly a novice. And on the plane, my CPU is slow I could not make a scene

  • RobBird

    Out of proportions and the toms aren´t right too. With such metal rings around it, your sticks always crash!

  • John Guiller H. Abarcar

    the rims are bit elevated, if that's real, you'll gonna have a broken stick in a few minutes, but all in all its good!

  • haris500

    TUTORIAL PLZ (on how to play drums in real life..... not on modeling)

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