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Model: Millenium Falcon

By kuhn0362.

kuhn0362 writes:

The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy…


  1. "High Poly" is an understatement- this thing has almost a million vertices. I was making it for a large poster, and the detail had to hold up.
  2. This model must stay at least 50 feet from the game engine at all times. They are not friends.
  3. I’m not finished with the textures yet, so please enjoy my generic "clay" material:) If you’re a pro with textures, please take a stab at this!
  4. The top and sides are very detailed, the bottom… not so much.



  • Jonathan Lax

    No-one can repel detail of that magnitude!!

    • John D Smith II


  • Dusty

    "what a piece of junk!!" ;)

    Seriously though! Great model!!!

    • Chris Kuhn


  • pete

    Impressive! How long did it take to finish it?

    • Kuhn0362 (Author)

      About a week... but I didn't do anything else that week:) The first parts were actually harder, because I was trying to get the basic shapes/dimensions as accurate as possible. The tech pieces were simpler, because I just invented them as I went along:)

  • ivan2340

    Now Unwrap it :D

    Gonna try this model with my 1.81GHz singlecore ;D

    • Kuhn0362 (Author)

      I tried unwrapping it... don't bother:) One thing you can do though is to create bump maps from it to use on lower poly models (gaming, etc).

  • lexi

    I can see two engine blocks in the front and some flying fortress cockpit canopy.
    For the FPS call Chuck he will friendly kick off some obstacles and B.A. has some material for the teams next dozen missions.

  • T.E. Mencer

    I saw this earlier in the week - but it's still jaw-droppingly good.

  • tommy

    No ship ever would have a cockpick offset. Great model though :)

    • Warlock

      Lots of ships have offsets, you dont sit right in the center of a car, aircraft carriers have the navigation bridge offset from the center etc

      • JeroenM

        But those only move in 2 dimensions. Planes and spaceships in 3. Try imagining a roll in a plane with an offset cockpit.

        • Chris Kuhn

          Good point, but this ship comes from the Star Wars universe so the physics is screwy anyway. I mean, can you imagine trying to use a sword where all the weight is in the handle?

    • Kuhn0362 (Author)

      Are you kidding? Everyone knows this cockpit design reduces phased-neutron boundary turbulence! It also re-stabilizes micro fissures in the quantum flux field! Everyone knows that...

      • PickleJones

        It's been a while since I took phased quantum dynamics of super-relativistic spacecraft design, but that does ring a bell... Ha! Sweet model!

    • onjoFilms

      Actually no modern ship would have a cockpit period. Who needs pilots when you have Hal driving the thing.

    • SteveKittJ.

      The Germans flew the Blom & Voss 141 in WW2,which had an offset cockpit.Weird looking plane. :-)

      • JeroenM

        I just watched a video on YouTube. Must have been a weird experience to fly that thing too.

    • LswaN

      Er... With a spaceship it really wouldn't matter where the cockpit is, not like it needs to be aerodynamic or anything.

      Anyway, great job modeling, I bet all that detail took forever to work on.

    • Han Solo

      Actually I offset the cockpit to keep Chewbaccas smell out of the living compartments.

  • reality

    Makes you realise what went into the original build

  • Craig Burr

    hmmm very dissapointed, came here thinking this would be good but instead it is freaking awesome ;)

  • raj

    dam dam dam dam, i m so xited looking at this pic,

  • DimitrisC


  • ryanjohnsond

    super impressed

  • hi_volt

    today it's Harrison Ford birthday!

  • Mustapha Olubode

    what were u thinking..........cant look at that Model without,wanting to comment,but the fact is I cant really find the right words 2 qualify that awesome piece of ART!

  • justin

    looks just as good as in the movie man, just awesom

  • Alan Perry

    How long is an AO map for that gonna take to bake! Great model!

  • Brent Alan Newton

    Million verts is not at all bad for such a detailed model. Now bake the detail onto a lower poly model and insert in game. Great job.

  • MeshWeaver don't know what to say, really, other than amazingly awesome work, kuhn0362! :D The amount of detail is mind-blowing!

  • VickyM72

    This is positively incredible! :D

  • Zander Nicolic

    Clap clap (applause and stand up).

  • JeroenM

    I usually don't use words like this but this is really an epic hero model.

  • Your Worshipfulness

    You modeled that thing? You're braver than I thought!

    • John D Smith II

      haha Awesome sir!

  • James Hoover

    I've noticed that space-renders are very easy to light, since in space light only comes from one direction, so the shadows are totally black.

  • Jean-Francois

    Great work, can you imagine that someone in the 70 though about that, designed it and build it for real... some people are amazing!

  • OcasoProtal
  • John D Smith II

    Awesome! Hey are you still interested in an explanation of the Kessel Run? hehe Alright I'll go there. The 'Run' is a space lane to and from the Spice mining planet Kessel which is located whereabouts a giant cluster of blackholes. Ships generally have to run an 'safe' 18 parsec curving obstacle course around a blackhole, but if a ship is fast enough, it can skirt closer to the blackhole without getting sucked in: thereby shortening both the time and distance which must be traveled. Add to that the relativistic effects of close proximity to a black hole and Whala! Or viola!...whateva! lol When Han says '12 parsecs,' he is saying the ship is soooo fast that he managed to cut 6 parsecs off the journey by short-cutting dangerously close to a blackhole when a slower ship on the same course would not have had the velocity to escape the gravity of the blackhole. I believe it goes into all that in the Han trilogy by A.C. Crispin. Hope that helps;) Enjoy! ....and once again, totally awesome work!

    • Chris Kuhn

      Ahh... that explains a lot. Thanks!

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