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Modeling a Soccer Ball in Blender

A short videotutorial by Blender Cookie.

Jonathan Williamsom writes:

In this Blender tutorial, Jonathan will show you how to easily model a soccer ball in only a few minutes time by starting with a regular solid in Blender 2.6.

During this tutorial you will learn how to use an icosphere as an easy starting point for modeling the soccer ball. You will learn how to create the ball tiles by using specific selections, how to use the inset tool and other various modeling techniques to perform what would otherwise be a very difficult modeling task.



  • James Hoover

    Very fascinating! I could have never thought of that myself.

  • Muhammad Amir Hamzah

    Just to show my work, this is the soccerball 3D model for upcoming local film called 'Hantu Gangster' (Gangster Ghost).

    • Christos Georgakas

      Very cool!

    • Rui

      Now that's a cool football! Nice work! :)

  • Fred M'ule

    the hexagons look a little off to me, I need to see the tutorial to know why though. But there is something to right about them

    • Elliott

      It looks like the hexagons are not regular. The side touching the pentagon is slightly shorter than the side touching another hexagon.

  • Rui

    It's called "football", not "soccer". And this is not a "soccer ball", it's a "football". The term "soccer" is considered being abusive outside the US (where actually a game that is mostly played with the hands is called "football"). So don't call it "soccer"!

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