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Developer Meeting Notes, July 8, 2012

Despite holidays (I'm currently in France myself ;-), Blender development continues!

Ton Roosendaal writes:

1) Status of 2.64 release and the current code

  • Bug tracker... keeps sadly being high! We can really use help still, Users can help doing first checks; if this is a real bug, help the reporter to pin down the precise issue or reduce the complexity of an issue for developers.
  • Jeroen Bakker's last week's commits on Tiles compositor has put back smiles on artists' faces! It's feeling much more interactive now. (It's drawing progress of the composite in a number of steps).
  • Mask node is still a bottleneck for fast cleaning footage - Mango devs will try a quick version, maybe in in Tomato branch as quick temp hack only.
  • User reported on much slower DOF node, this will be investigated with good reference examples.

2) Other Projects

  • Daniel Genrich has Smoke simulation render improvements ready for commit; it was unsure if that can go in now, or after 2.64. He will review it carefully to ensure it's at least stable and compatible.

3) Google Summer of Code

  • Jason Wilkins has a document about OpenGL compatibility, ready for review.
  • Alexander Pinzon Fernandez likes to get more user feedback on his Laplacian Mesh smooth project. Ton Roosendaal suggested him to make it more clear in his wiki docs what the exact benefit of this system is... the presentation is chaotic.

That's it for today, a lot of people are having a day off or holidays it seems!




  • silentframe

    i cant wait for Blender 2.64 release.:D


    #Blender artist from Philippines

  • bashi

    Enjoy your well deserved Holidays ;-)

  • blendercomp

    I was wondering if anyone can provide background info on the mask node problems.
    Why is it still being considered as a bottleneck? What exactly is wrong with it? How does that negatively impact the workflow of Mango artists?

  • Jedibeeftrix

    any feedback on how brecht's week with an AMD developer worked out?

    have high hopes for Cycles/OpenCL on my 7970 in the near future......

  • Manuel

    Well, it takes a lot of time to fix the bugs, basically the amount of them is caused by the incredible amount of new features going into Blender in the last 6 months.
    I cant agree about the Bevel, it might be not perfect yet, but in my opinion a loooot better than the 2.4 one.
    Anyways, just wait for it, currently the development focus is on smoke and compositing/keying/masking/tracking due to the Mango movie project, expect Blenders Development to be open for your suggestions again after that.
    (Blender has a bi-monthly release cycle so if they are within schedule 2.64 should come latest end of this month i think)

  • Urfoex

    Nothing about BGE again?

    • CorsairX

      Given that the current dev focus is on VFX as part of Mango, I wouldn't expect to see a lot of love for the BGE for a while yet.

    • Christos Georgakas

      I have seen (where was it again?) that BGE will get love in 2.68.Thats bad but on the good side i hear about a makeover overall.

      Now when in the world will someone make us a better text with font preview!!

  • Jogai

    You can still help. Not all bugs are clear to the developers, see first note from this meeting. You can go over them and improve the bugreport with the point described by Nicholas:

  • dani

    One should be able to not use the internet for holidays. I think holidays are good, and if blender comes out
    one week later I won't mind, as it could help preventing burnout.

  • Jerry Perkins

    great work guys. 2.64 is gonna be bar raising again.

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