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Siggraph Selection for "The Risk not Taken"

Alex Glawion's 'Risk not Taken' has been selected to be shown at the prestigious Siggraph Animation Festival!

Alex writes:

After the premiere of my most recent (blender) animated short film "The Risk not Taken" at the Blender Conference in Amsterdam last year, I'm excited to announce, it has now also been selected to be shown at the Siggraph Computer Animation Festival 2012 in Los Angeles. I'll release it online by the end of the year, for those who can't catch it at the festivals.



  • kABHIr

    Congratulations Alex!,
    You deserve it!

  • Brian Lockett

    Interesting animation. I'm looking forward to seeing its release. And congratulations!

    • Derek

      are you joking? It's F*kin' AWESOME!

      • derek

        wait, i've just realised that made no sense...

  • Shashank Singh

    Hey guys,
    just so you know is is throwing this error --- Warning: Something's Not Right Here! contains malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.

    • IamInnocent

      There shouldn't be much risk at all if seen directly on the Vimeo page instead:

    • alexglawion

      sorry about that, i fixed the site... having some troubles with my server atm. the warning should go away soon.

  • Martin Lubich

    Congratulations on making it into SIGGRAPH. From what I see from the trailer and your previous work this is very well deserved !
    I am really looking forward to seeing the film in full.

  • Enriq766

    Very nice! Congrats!

  • Christos Georgakas

    Great job! As a part-time web designer i also love your web presentation very professional! congrats! The only problem i have seeing this, is that is makes me wanna go back to BI and search more to get the results i want!

    p.s : I was wondering how come you were in the cyprus awards ? just out of curiocity!

  • ryanjohnsond

    I think that short was the most impressive Blender movie I've ever seen. He's lightyears ahead .

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