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Controlling Blender with a Wiimote

An interesting project by Micah Denn.

Micah writes:

Modeling in blender using a Wiimote has a surprisingly natural workflow.

Its Linux Mint12 using Gnome 3, I'm using libwiimote library's and a Bluetooth dongle to communicate with the wiimote.

There's a lot of tutorials but this is one of the best:

I also edited /etc/cwiid/wminput/buttons so that I could use the down button on the wiimote as the mouse middle click.

What do you think? Would this make it easier to work with Blender, or is it a sure-fire way to get RSI in your arm?


  • Jesus Balbastro

    I have to try that :O

  • Jrkirby

    Wii remotes have such imprecise control.

  • Kota Weaver

    That's pretty cool, though I think I might stay with my pen tablet for now...

    • Saladino Lopes

      Thanks, but I think I'll stick with Mario Kart for now...

  • Kriss Berzkalns

    I can only see it useful for controlling some awesome BGE games, cant really imagine that I would be modeling with a wiimote.. Though I could try it out, since I have wiimote, unfortunately I have no bluetooth dongle ;(

  • Jerry Perkins

    Wow. This is exciting. I wonder how to get this into windows?

    • Micah Denn

      step 0. Install linux

      step 1. Install libwiimote

      • Chaos

        It's GNU/Linux.

  • Henrik Ohlin

    I think modelling wouldn't be the use for it. I think I'd love to record motions to drive animations.

    • Utopia

      Yep.. That would be amazing!

    • trollingtrollface

      Dat wud be cul dude

    • Chaos

      You can actually do that by leaving pressed the "record" button in the timeline, and then hitting Alt+A to start animation, move an object and voila.

      • Henrik Ohlin

        Really? :O Then I take it that it should work just as well with the PS Move? My gods I'm a nerd, this was the best news I've heard all week :)

  • Brian Lockett

    It's not particularly more useful than a mouse, but it looks neat to try.

  • Pitrivief

    Nice but beware of the tendonitis. Could be very nice to use with the game engine.

  • Riccardo Gagliarducci

    I would like to know if there is full control of the 3rd axis:
    moving toward and backward screen really allow to have a 3d control in space.

  • Alexandre Rangel

    I made this work with the Blender Game Engine and GlovePIE Wiimote connection:

  • ping0

    Talking about motion sensing... is there any news about the Leap Motion sensor?

    Makes you feel more like Minority Report and less like Harry Potter :)

    • ping0

      The thing I find funny about Leap

      Who is LEAP? How did you get started?
      The original inspiration behind Leap came from our frustration with 3D modeling— something that took 10 seconds in real life would take 30 minutes with a computer. Molding virtual clay with a computer should be as easy as molding clay in the real world. The mouse and keyboard were simply getting in the way.
      I hope they were speaking about Blender not because of the frustration but because that would mean Leap is already linked to Blender. :) (I have 70$ to spare)

  • yogyog

    Is this taking the 3D position and rotation of the wii-mote? Or just using it as a mouse - a single point in 2D?

    • Micah Denn

      just using it as a mouse but I think the later could be achieved with some hacking about.

  • Christos Georgakas

    why ? really why ? I was hoping from someone to put an android version of blender (well since android is linux underneath) for use in my tablet but wii mote? i guess if i can be done why not.

  • Sean Olson

    I would love to see you combine Johnny Lee's wiimote headtracking stuff into blender. Now that I would use:

  • 3dimensions

    Very interesting! Like it.

    But youl'd be faster with a wacom anyways;-)

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