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GSoC 2012 - Bullet Integration Progress Video 1

Sergej Reich is working on the Bullet integration project for the Google Summer of code. In this progress video he demonstrates the new workflow that this will enable. And boy, you're gonna love it!

Sergej writes:

My attempt at showing the current state of the Bullet integration in Blender. I hope you can understand me, I'm not used to do presentations in English.

For more information you can take a look at my wiki page and BlenderArtists thread.

You can find the code either in Joshua's or my git branches, and there are also builds available at

About the Bullet Integration project:

This project aims at continuing the work done by Joshua Leung for the Google Summer of Code 2010, integrating the Bullet physics library natively into Blender so users don't have to go through the clumsy process of running their simulations inside blenders game engine.


  • A simple way to setup stable rigid body simulations.
  • The ability so bake the simulation.
  • Ways to control the simulation via constraints, forces and the animation system.
  • End-User Documentation.


  • Jonathan Lax


  • DimitrisC

    Keep up the great work Sergej!
    We need this in Blender asap!!!

    • Karlis Stigis


  • ping0

    There are also alternatives if you can't wait for bullet. Use PyODE + python scripting in blender.

    But it is not for the faint of heart (installing everything so PyODE can work is the bigger challenge here).

    This is definitely better but it has been a long time coming...

    • Roberto Abella

      Do you know of any Newton Game Dynamics implementation like that that you mentioned for ODE?

      • ping0

        There is a python interface for Newton called newpy. But I have not tried it. If it works it will be as simple to use as typing "import newpy". Le 7 juil. 2012 03:13, "Disqus" a écrit :

        • Roberto Abella

          Thanks ping0!!

  • @mrCrabs

    yuck! Vimeo.

    • Karlis Stigis

      Vimeo has much more great content.

    • sergof

      youtube wouldn't let me post it because of the length.
      So vimeo ftw!

      • Karlis Stigis

        Vimeo is cool.

  • David


  • Karlis Stigis

    I am waiting for this so much!

  • PickleJones

    Thank you! I love doing simulations and have learned my way through the workarounds in the BGE. This looks like it will make things much simpler and easier to incorporate multi-physics, like burning rigid body meets fluids. Fun times!

  • Josemaria RRA

    I was wondering if you we're going to be able to give dynamics to bones (with influence control, preferably). Like, for example, to use on a floppy tail of a character, so that the animator doesn't have to animate the tail every time the character moves.

    • sergof

      I would like to make things like that possible but there are tricky issues that have to be resolved first so I cannot give a definitive answer atm.

      • Josemaria RRA

        that would be amazing! Thanks for the answer.

  • Kirado

    very cool, great progress, but I wouldn't hide any physics settings away like collision margins, being able to tweak those is very important for simulation accuracy, also try and use terms already used in the game engine bullet integration (which was created by the creater of bullet)

  • Brian Lockett

    I read the title, I scrolled down to give this a star rating, and then I proceeded back up to read the article.

  • Stephen Firman

    Great work! This is so cool!

  • encn

    I love the "animated" checkbox! So much more versatile than mucking about with "initial angular velocity/spin" and such. And a great match for Blender's wonderful realtime animation-recording.

  • NyanNyan

    Are there plans to support chained rigid bodies, like chains, a ragdoll or something? One of my main problems is to combine physics with armatures, without using softbodies or cloth parts as the goal for the armature. Personally i dream about some simple physics and collision features for armatures.

    • sergof

      Adding constraints is on my TODO.
      How we'll deal with armatures isn't clear yet but I'll see what I can do.

      • Jonah

        nice! that was my exact question.

      • nyannyan

        That's really nice to hear and would be awesome. Finally i could get rid of building rigid bodies for the game engine, setting it up properly and recording animation curves just for this purpose.

      • Karlis Stigis

        I am SO excited!

  • TheElwolf

    '' from Dev meeting 1 July 2012'' Quote-Campbell Barton is working on recursive voronoi fracture; based on initial Phymec code – but he decided it would be more efficient to re-implement it in Python entirely as add-on. Should be finished and documented in a week. -end quote

    My question is; will the Bullet Integration be compatible with the upcoming plugin Campbell is working on.

    • Campbell Barton


  • Kirill Poltavets

    Another "white spot" on the map of Blender's universality will be painted out soon! :D I'm glad it will be compatible with cell_fracture addon!
    Thank you, Sergej and Campbell!

  • vidjo

    This is fantastic. Dont be shy. We DO want to see more. I'd like to know everything thats going on with this. Great work and cant wait to see more.

  • Raul

    Great job! a very timely question is whether the bullet and integrating with the engine, we can combine it with the trackin chamber, ie if I have a real video where I want to destroy several buildings, as if the trackin ago with the game engine I can not do this thanks and I hope to answer, excuse my clumsy English.

  • Raul

    finally the building is in graphicall this only for mac, there is a version for windows?

  • Ben_Lind

    Great stuff! This will definitely be useful. Thanks!

  • hello

    Can't see comments from Disqus, couldn't even create a comment before I enabled "Send Referrer Information" in my browser.

  • Nick

    Awesome awesomeness! Hard body physics has been the biggest hole since it disappeared (4.9 I think).

  • Marc Driftmeyer

    Very useful for both FEA/CFD simulations to games and everything in between. It would be nice either to work on preparing videos that zoom in on the areas of menu controls that are actually visible and legible [blurry even on a 24 HP LP2475w display] and actually spend time pairing down your commentary to focus solely on what you plan to discuss and not to tangentially bring in thoughts that have zero impact on the point of one's presentation.

  • Per Nyblom

    I love this!

  • Beau

    I love you guys for making this! Bravo!

  • Christos Georgakas

    Iam dreaming of the day that i will be able to use physics with text (well since iam a motion designer) without pain! i really liked the animated box option and also the tricks to remove the "noise" of the still rigid objects.

  • Erwin Coumans

    Cool, I look forward to try it out. I'm currently working on the OpenCL accelerated version of Bullet and Blender will be the first modeler integration.

  • onjoFilms

    I found the bullet physics pretty cool and work quite well. Here's a small movie made with it:

  • vegan

    I wonder if you can "bake" this bullet animation. Then you could render it in some other Blender build. When it gets to the official build, of course, it won't be needed, but in the meanwhile...

    • Carnivore

      You should be able too. Most modifiers, physics included allow you to save as keyframes.

  • blenderhead

    Angry birds 3D. :P

  • Josh Faulkner

    Looks great, Sergej! Quick question....How did you duplicate those cubes so quickly like that? Do I have to make the "Doodle doodle doot" noise?

  • Erich Toven


  • Julius Hibert

    i want it! know! .... amazing!

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