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  • totoche

    *drool* nice simulation! *drool* *slirp* *drool*

  • Dave H

    The color doesn't look right, though my monitor may be overpriced garbage and/or that's just the good stuff...
    Very thick & slow - I don't mean you!
    Can 3D printers print in chocolate yet?

    • chocolate monster

      Well you could print in the cheap plastic off Shapeways and then use that to make a mold and fill the mold with chocolate...

    • Ken & Grace Williamson

      yes they can... just put chocolate in

    • Caleb Jones

      There are some, although they may be using custom pieces.

    • Samuel Loy

      the colour looks right to me, though a very light chocolate, most certainly not dark was used as a reference, my guess would be dove. They always seem like they have a lighter chocolate

  • Hissingshark

    Nice work! Which renderer(s) may I ask?

  • T.E. Mencer

    My wife walked by and yelled, "Why are you licking your laptop?!"

    • jerami

      yes same she said when I watched "two girls and one cup" movie.

  • 5ecular4umanist


  • RedBirdiii

    That was delicious!

  • Dusty

    MAN!!! I just dribbled on myself!!!

  • Pascal
  • fusobotic
  • Brian Lockett

    Sweet mama! Man, I wish I could really make chocolate with Blender! Someone work on that as an add-on!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Almost everything is perfect! One thing I noticed (IMHO) there must be dark ground planes to be reflected in chocolate. I think that the environment without this detail will be "not full". Making a proper environment to be reflected is harder than to find a perfect lighting for a scene. I got this from my job.

  • Ryan

    beautifully lit.

  • Ömercan Yazici

    Hmm... Delicious... Oh... by the way... well done!

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