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Model: Paper Bridge

By TheDuckCow.

TheDuckCow writes:

This was a mini project that I used to kick off my entry for Andrew Price’s Photorealism Contest. The idea was to force myself to pay attention to details of a model by drawing it out its components by hand. Then as a sort of gimick, I scanned my drawings and created a simple “paper” structure in cycles.

Though the actual render I plan on creating will be on the real-world scale of a bridge/river scene, I thought the result of this was interesting and looked fairly realistic. It should be noted that to get the edges clipped, I heavily used photoshop’s wonderful selection masking and refining tools (which is probably the number one reason I stopped using gimp). These imperfect edges are what sell the effect



  • erick parra

    Thats really cool! nice concept.. thanks for share the model.

  • Hissingshark

    Like it a lot!
    You call it a gimmick, using the original line drawing as a texture, but I think that's pretty inspired.
    It's another "wish I'd though of that" day.
    Where is my muse?!

  • ShaneNewville

    I started working on a similar project a few years ago but didn't have time to finish it. I love the look and would love to experiment with it some more. I drew everything on paper, scanned it, editing in Photoshop, then Used Blender and After Effects to finalize. I'd like to see how far someone would take it. Maybe make an entire city. Who knows? Keep it up. You should create some more models with this look.

  • Vince

    Great idea and great Pic! ...and no glued/sticky fingers ;-)

  • Dewald

    You had me fooled. I thought this was a post about somebody making a paper bridge and used blender for planning.

    On closer inspection I think you could do with some blurry gloss on the wood. Some nicks/scrapes/aging on the wood would be nice.

    I reckon you should fix up the wood, perhaps create some sort of background(out of focus), slap in an hdri map of an interior in your environment and use it as another entry if you are allowed multiple entries in the Photorealism contest.

    Nice one!

    • Dewald

      Vince's comment triggered this brain-fart: Perhaps a glue bottle and some glue and glue fingerprints on the wood for detail.

      Also pen, scissors, blades, etc.

      • Vince

        yea, thats a good idea!

  • RonProctor

    It's delightful! I love that visual style. I hope you'll do more like this. :)

  • onjoFilms

    Buxw Hiv/ Which means Nice Job! if you shift your hands one key to the left.

  • Brian Lockett

    Clever process, impressive result.

  • Talmore

    Love it!

  • Patrick W. Crawford

    Thanks everyone! I can't believe it got featured (and I almost missed the post too!).

    I actually did consider adding some tape and scissors models I spent some time a little while ago, but I opted not to since I wasn't intending this to be like a finished piece of work - just a concept :)


  • Jonathan

    Love it! Nice textures

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