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25 Blender Modifiers Explained


BlenderDiplom presents 25 short videos on Blender modifiers.

Gottfried Hofmann writes:

Frederik Steinmetz explaines all 25 generate and deform modifiers that are currently available in Blender 2.63a. The list will be expanded whenever new modifiers get added to Blender.



  • R Janssens

    Very very useful! Thanks a bundle.

  • Luca

    Really useful. Should be put in the wiki.

  • Brian Lockett

    Nice job! This is a great reference, man! We've been needing this kind of reference for Blender for a long while!

  • Marius K.

    24, first is intro :)

    • Gottfried Hofmann

      I'm counting 25, 13 generate and 12 deform. There is also a 26th modifier named "skin" in trunk that will be covered once 2.64 is out :)


    somany modifiers ,and so little time:)

  • DimitrisC

    Loving this!
    I'd love to see BF expanding the modifiers power & usability. They're great tools and could help artists create cool stuff with them.
    Why can't I use groups of objects with the array? (Like the C4D cloner)
    Why can't I use arrays on lights or empties?
    Why there is no way to fiddle with the way the build modifier works?
    Cycles and Tracking are nice and all but some of this stuff should already be availble.

    • Gottfried Hofmann

      Very good points regarding the array modifier. There is an advanced array modifier in the working that will allow adding noise to displace the arrays and groups of objects. Maybe you can talk to the developer (Fabio Russo):

  • RonProctor

    Thank you Gottfried! The hook modifier had me baffled. Your method makes it so easy!

    I'm looking forward to watching the others. :D

  • Petr Utinek

    just what I need for long time THX a lot

  • Hissingshark

    Watched 3 so far.
    Good with the morning coffee!
    Many thanks for these.

  • Gavin Ball

    Thanks, this is great.

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