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Developer Meeting Notes, July 1, 2012

It's crunch time for Blender 2.64 development. There are still lots of bugs to be fixed and the Mango development team is tied up in their own work, so the Blender Foundation can use all the help it can get to get the release out!

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Here's the notes from today's meeting in #blendercoders

1) Blender 2.64 plans

  • Reminder: the planning has been extended to end of month.
  • Bug tracker: still too many open issues. Mango developer team (Brecht Sergey Campbell) is also very busy with own targets, so everyone's help is needed to bring tracker down to less than 200!
  • OpenColor work is ongoing but is experimental still, will get further developed in tomato branch.
  • Cycles tile render feature could go to trunk.
  • Tile compositor - still has open issues. Mask rasterizer will get updated to respect tile/thread design today/tomorrow. It's unclear where the perceived slowness is - it might well be mostly on UI/feedback level. Jeroen Bakker can connect with the Mango team for tests and feedback.
  • Campbell Barton is working on recursive voronoi fracture; based on initial Phymec code - but he decided it would be more efficient to re-implement it in Python entirely as add-on. Should be finished and documented in a week.

2) Google Summer of Code

  • Midterm evaluation has to be done within 12 days! All mentors: connect to the students and make sure they're aware of the midterm targets, or what to do to solve things still!


  • IamInnocent

    This message from Ton is complemented by this reply from Pete Larabell, on bf-committers:

    "With regards to the update to mask rasterizer tile/thread design...
    It's functional now but still somewhat messy code and is just about
    ready for commit. Very limited network access for me over weekends. If
    can't commit today will certain commit tomorrow.

    The slowness issue is the feathering. The feathering algorithm in
    trunk right now was VERY NON-optimized. In order to make
    tile/threading work correct, the much faster feathering algorithm was
    needed anyway, so this problem should be automatically resolved.

    Will be mailing/irc-ing sergey,campbell when commit happens.

    Cheers! "

  • Dewald

    I am looking forward to voronoi fracture. I played around with Phymec and it is way better than the old fracture in blender. More control better looking fractures. Exciting stuff.

    • Michael C

      It's actually in the latest builds; and much easier setting up than the regular fracture tools. Now we just need Bullet-Viewport-Intergration, eh?

    • Michael

      How exactly did you use phymec?. ive been trying to find it in order for me to play around with it aswell.

      • Dewald

        It is now included in trunk. You can download the latest trunk build from here .

        Just activate cell fracture add-on. I am sure there must be tutorials out there, just google "blender cell fracture tutorial"

  • axelx19

    i still want a fast particle surfacing system for sph
    it's so fast and you have so much control over the liquid

  • MattRM

    I'm new to blender (but not neewbe on 3D production), I think the fluids solver (liquid in box solver and particule too) need a better mesh result. it'll be great to have a system like the Hybrido solver from Realflow and a mesher like Realflow too (faster and cleaner, why not use gpu too, like Kepler gpu). Maybe also, a way to control the collision box with object, like an offset. After that, the smoke fluids it's just a real nice system. I already tried the opencl compositor and it's really great. I came from autodesk maya, and some features in bender is powerfull than maya and most easier to done. Blender goes in right way (I started learning Blender cause I think it's quite and soon ready for commercial production)


  • Jerry Perkins

    Campbell Barton... thank you. very impressive.

  • bman

    Is the any place where one can keep track the progress of _all_ the gsoc projects? ... last year it was reported here every week.

  • lucas823

    PHYMEC!!! :D i was wondering where he'd gone off too. Im really pumped about getting voronoi fracture into the trunk. I've been playing around with Scorpion81's destructibility editor, and it works great, but i'd like to see what Barton's fracture can do

  • Urfoex

    No comments on BGE?
    I thought I read that people are trying to get lots of new BGE stuff in that release…

    • totterfree

      Yeah... I was really looking forward to that too :(

  • Cloud_GL

    Someone knows where I can find some info on the Outline modifier? The only existent info I find is the following:

    And a youtube video.

  • Brian Lockett

    Can't wait to destroy stuff in Blender 2.64!

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