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Tutorial: Create a Photorealistic Fruit Splash


Andrew Price shows you how to achieve this cool splash effect.

Andrew writes:

I've always loved the way splashes look in photos, so I decided to recreate the effect using Blender and the Cycles rendering engine.

In this tutorial I show you how to model and texture an orange, bake slow motion fluid and render realistic water.

Hope you like it :)



  • R3sili3nt

    OK- WOW


    That looks lovely ,Hey Andrew , I don't like to sound like a hardware geek but , what kind of system would you recommend so experimenting lights , textures and fluids would be fast and fun ? Thank you .

    • bettflasche

      Hi, I'm not Andrew, but wouldn't it be obvious to use the newest and fastest hardware available?

      The only thing you have to keep in mind is that Cycles realtime preview works with NVIDIA cards only (CUDA technology).

      • davinci990

        Your answer is obvious, but poor business practice. I would like to see Andrew's reply to M Pinarci. For my situation, needing advertising still-images like the fruit shown, I'm trying to figure out how close I can come to AP's results with the equipment I already have. I am profitable-- money I keep-- only if I do *not* buy better equipment for as long as possible. ;o)


      • Blendiac

        I'd point out that even if you HAVE a recent Nvidia card (as I do), it's still no guarantee of Cycles using it. I've put in many hours of fiddling trying to get it working, and I'm sure I will eventually. Just don't go buying an expensive Nvidia card with the expectation of it working, that's all.

    • Chester

      Actually, Andrew Price has an article he made on his website ( that talks about buying/making a computer that would support Blender in nearly every way.

      I think this is it:

    • Andrew Price

      For purely fluid sims, I'd recommend as much RAM as possible. I have 16gigs but just get as much as you feel you need. For rendering with GPU, again get one with most RAM. To render this scene I had to resort to CPU rendering as my GPU couldn't handle it.

  • onjoFilms

    Andrew always amazes me with the quality of his creations.

  • 8-bit

    As soon as I looked at the picture before scrolling down to the text I assumed this was an Andrew Price tutorial - Looks like a great tut!

  • JestaBlunt

    woooha...fantastic picture in an amazing quality, like almost every render you far as i see them ^^

  • totoche

    here's a video of a guy doing it for real with a fish tank :

  • chromemonkey

    Does this mean that photorealistic animations of fruit dropped in water can't be shown in a demo reel?

    • Serge

      So AP did a tutorial about it. So yes you're right you can't show it anymore ;)

    • Magiciandude

      If it's very similar, it wouldn't be recommended :P

      • chromemonkey

        Well, I'll get right on redoing my piece of fruit in water so it doesn't look so much like this particular piece of fruit in water. Not really sure what the precise criteria would be to make it look "different enough" to the casual viewer though. I will assume for the moment that black backgrounds and specific brightness levels for specularity are forbidden by fair-use copyright restrictions.

  • Anthony Pilon

    Quite a nice result. My only complaint would be that the fruit skin looks too diffuse, real citrus has a small amount of SSS and hard specularity. But it's still a great result for a 50-min tutorial.

  • Andrew Porter

    I have 3 graphics cards, but I only want to use two for cycles rendering, How can I select 2/3 cards instead of all or one.

  • mart_in_brasil

    Now I cannot look at any splash photography without thinking it has been created in Blender!

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