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  • Magiciandude

    It looks like some sort of blurring or bloom effect was used. It really detracts from the quality of the image!

    Otherwise, absolutely gorgeous!

  • fabio

    wow! nice work! keep posting

  • Brian

    This looks like a stop motion set. Brilliant!

  • xboong

    very beautiful

  • Jesus Contreras


  • Andrei Shkiperov

    Awesome work!! But it seems to me, that mill blades should be inclined relative to the wheel plane. Aimed not to add some critics, but to make the great work better.

    • the animator

      in the days and the place where this mill was built they may not have known about all the air dynamics involved with the blade design. lol

  • McFlyJools

    Great style, love it.

  • totovhe

    Awesome, did you imagine the place or does it exist? cause if it does exist I'm going to visit!!!


    i love this work , so very pretty !

  • Cheese

    Windmill, Windmill for the land..turn forever...hand in hand...

  • reggiecl

    awesome work!

  • blenderclan

    It's ridiculus.

    No particles... and bad textures.

    • shinsaku


    • Gwenouille

      I don't think that "ridiculus" is the right word, really...
      Take the image as it is. Why should it feature particles and be photorealistic for it to be a nice image ?

    • THEONE

      When the non blenderheads come to say something generally it is bad and makes any sense, we all want to see your masterpieces YOUR'RE NOT BLENDERCLAN OR BLENDER FAN GET AWAY FROM NENDER COMUNITTIES.

  • Mal Praktis

    I love the look and feel of this. It looks like a model of a broken down windmill to me. I think it is great. Even the ground and tree have that hand modeled feel.

  • Seb Brosig

    Windmills are built so that the whole thing can rotate around the z axis. Graphics: win. Engineering: fail ;-)

    • Matt

      Technically the blades are rotating around the z axis so...

  • ten

    Love it!!!! Blender forever!

  • Samuel Loy

    beautiful, it looks just like a miniature

  • Hans

    Nice work. I would like to see this in a RPG or adventure game ;-)

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