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Model: City Bus

By hjmediastudios.

hjmediastudios writes:

A simple model of a standard city bus from my hometown. There’s no interior, as this bus was made for a car chase scene, and not a bus-hostage situation. The bus is fully textured and has all sorts of little details. Be warned- it may take a while to render. Enjoy!



  • T.E. Mencer

    Wow this looks great! Well done model and textures!

  • totoche

    When I saw the bus I thought "Man this bus in a car pursuit would be so cool", and then I read " this bus was made for a car chase scene" so I say where's the video of the scene ;) ? Please give a link to it I'd really like to see it. Thank you.

    PS: I have no clue why the text turned into red ????

    • totoche

      Never mind the post-scriptum.

  • SameTown

    I am going to the college where these are used. It is quite authentic and well done. When did you live here? Have they had this model long (I thought Cybrid was new~ish)? (Speaking of bus I need to go catch one...)

  • CS

    Minus the colors that is almost identical to the buses in my city. :D

  • Dave H

    Too clean. That's about it for critique!

    There's some scum at the bottoms of the sides. Realistically there would be more there, and a bit everywhere, and on the wheels and windows.

    Not saying I could do better. Maybe better at making it look worse?

    • Nick Royer

      Actually, I have a filthy version on hand, but it's too dirty. Cyride keeps its buses surprisingly clean.

  • Nick

    Cyride? Ames, Iowa?

    • Yep


      • Nick Royer

        You've got it!

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