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New 'Adaptive Domain' Smoke Demo

Another quick demo of the upcoming 'adaptive domain' for smoke simulations by Miikah.

oMiikah writes:

Testing new adaptive and moving domain features. Simulating this wide scene with the old simulator would have required thousands of cells wide domain. :)

In this case domain is moving with the emitter to clip smoke when it leaves the camera. Domain resolution was 128 with 1x "high res" noise.

The locomotive model was downloaded from "Animated Train" by "kuhn0362".

Note: This is an experimental feature I'm working on as a GSoC 2012 project. Development happens in the "soc-2012-fried_chicken" branch.


  • Max Puliero

    looks good!

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Wow, Great improvement ! I am planning to create a scene with a steam locomotive for a long time and I was wondering how to solve the problem of the huge domain required for the smoke ! I was thinking about using 2D smoke made with Particles illusion for wide scenes. This new solution is awesome ! Thank you !

  • zsolnai

    Great work, thank you! :)

  • CGEffex


  • Drunk Blender Tengu

    Parfect, can't wait to play with the smoke following emitters everywhere, like make them spin and trail around following comets, meteorites and what not, hmmm....

  • 4museman

    Supercool idea! It can make the simulator much more usable. Could it be possible for fluid simulator too?

    • Chaos


  • kryp

    Just played with it and it's great! Though you could do it with the old simulator as well. Parent the domain to the locomotive and add a 'wind' force field with the strength keyframed to match the locomotive speed. This however is much more convenient.

    • Neil

      In old simulator you couldn't move the domain at all during simulation. You could have moved the world and kept the train still though!

      • guest

        That would be an interesting fix...

  • pharel

    Nice, this is similar to a feature found in both Maya and Houdini and having worked in both I can say it's a "must have" so it's good to see that it is making its way into Blender as well.

  • Kinshuk

    Bravo! Great work!

  • Roberto Abella

    Absolutley impressive!!!

  • Ömercan Yazici

    Interesting approach... Looks really good.

  • Animaxticoide

    No words ! Miikah you rock !

  • Brian Lockett

    MiikaH, man, I've run out of praises for you. I just can't wait to play around with a build!

  • ryanjohnsond

    very nice material

  • Ben_Lind

    Impressive stuff! Keep it up!

  • Alex Delderfield (ADEdge)

    Suddenly, smoke simulations are 1 million times more practical!
    Cant wait to see this develop further. Well done.

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