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Blender Scarf

A totally awesome Blender gift for Emile!

Emile writes:

I thought I'd share this little gift I got from my wife with the Blender community.

I tried - my wife says 'no'. Darn.


  • Deltaray

    Awesome! I looked at this picture and thought "Man that's so real it looks like a photograph". What is wrong with me?

    • totoche

      the same thing that's wrong with me ;)

      • Hetsumani

        and me

        • Ammusionist

          ... and me!

          • Ben Amend

            And me as well.

          • Brian Lockett

            ...And don't forget me!

          • Blendiac


      • Itqan Ullah

        I too thought "ohh!!! looks like we have fabric rendering from mitsuba ported in cycles" :P

    • Arnaud Couturier

      Me too HAHA.
      I thought "Another Cycles render"

    • Daniel

      Me too!

  • Tristram

    That would be a good challenge. Can someone model that set up as the photo here and make it look just as real ?

    • robbielosee

      Plane. Image texture. Shadeless. Done. ;-)

  • blub

    look realistic


  • fake

    NIKON D3100
    AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
    thats all...
    used photoshop and info about picture...
    but can you see the bike?
    use your brain!!!!!!

  • onjoFilms

    Is this Cycles or Bicycles?

  • Akože-?ože Že-fúha Že-ä Matúš-

    Omg dudes it is not CG :D read it. It is just handmade gift :D real object not 3D model lol :D

  • Akože-?ože Že-fúha Že-ä Matúš-

    Omg it IS a photo :D Handmade gift read and use brain :D lol

  • greylica

    Oh, Nice, I will ask my mom to do one...

  • dmes

    man,your wife really good at rendering,look very real man!!

  • Doe Joe

    That's a photo.
    If that was done in Blender, I'm a three headed Ogre.

  • Wayne Dixon

    that's a nice add-on

    can you commit it to trunk - thanks :)

  • claas

    and I got so excited about the cloth shader wuhuhuhu

    • Animaxticoide

      Oh ! Did you just change your Nickname uh? Aren't you CEKUMEN? The one who loves to lick feet to your superiors in order to look good in front of the comunity? what a shame eh? Mr. Cekumen changing his name, ha hahahahaSt

  • Dusty

    This could have made a brilliant April fool, posted exactly as it is now.

    I didn't read it and just went totally ga ga over what I thought was a render! LOL

    • chromemonkey

      It just goes to show... as good as things get, our eyes get that much better at detecting telltale signs that distinguish even excellent renders from a photo. It's all in the details, and those details that give a render away are ever hidden, in the gap between two things -- our knowledge of how the world works, and how that world actually is. Our senses are still superior to our knowledge. Amazing things, those senses.

  • 4museman

    This is good! :) But my girlfriend made ​​a Blender T-shirt for herself to surprise me! Then I had to beg her to do one for me. :-D

  • David Stringham

    I thought, "That's some great cloth."

  • 8-bit

    This CG render has too many errors to be posted on BN! Too many flaws to point out.

  • Animaxticoide

    I knew it was a photo as I saw it. Still renders aren't that perfect.

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