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Sewing Clothes

This patch by thesleepless should make Blender fashion designers happy!

thesleepless writes:

I added a control to adjust how quickly the sewing takes place to reduce tunneling through the collision object.

Patch is available from:

Please note that this is a 'patch', which means you'll have to apply it to existing Blender source code and compile it yourself. With some luck, custom builds will appear on


  • Jez Kabanoff

    note: new version in svn diff format should patch more cleanly against trunk

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Thanks Jez, I've updated the article. Would you like me to replace your nickname with your full name as well?

      • Jez Kabanoff

        great! nickname is fine =)

  • Daniel

    My goodness! It's Marvelous Designer for Blender! Not yet up to the same standards, but fantastic nonetheless!

    • Jez Kabanoff

      thanks, hopefully one day it will be as featureful and easy to use!

      • Karlis Stigis

        Marvelous Designer has triangulated mesh as well. So maybe we should update our cloth system?

        • Jez Kabanoff

          ahh quad mesh is better than triangle mesh, i've been looking in to methods for generating a good quad mesh from a shape

  • shunsquall

    This is fantastic. I've been waiting for such a useful tool for blender. Now I'll be able to sew pockets or to stick garments with different simulation properties. Keep it going thesleepless.

    • Jez Kabanoff

      thanks! i plan to keep working on it

  • Saladino Lopes

    Thats some truly amazing stuff.

  • cantree

    wow! many thanks for this work..

  • Wyslij

    Great, it's like dream come true. Good work! And thank you so much Jez!

    Now hope in near feature someone will devope this two more things, that in my opinion we still missing:

    hair from mesh like Hair Farm feature
    And normal map baking system without seams on hard ages, with cage.

  • Peter Houlihan

    Blender fashion show for the next open project?

    • Jez Kabanoff

      that could be fun!

  • Zander Nicolic

    Great work. Hope to see it in trunk soon.
    Please, Jez (and Bart, ofc) keep us informed about it. Also, where can I find some information about how to patch it (like if it works in windows, where to put it in the source, etc)? Maybe I'm asking too much, anyway, thank you in advance :)

    • Jez Kabanoff

      hi thanks! there are now some windows builds on!

      • Xero

        Yay! *does backflips*

      • Zander Nicolic

        Thanks Jez, would you mind to address me to any of them builds? I tried a research in graphicall, but it was unsuccessful. Thanks again.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Is it easy to get a proper unwrapped cloth after this? I mean a kind of "blueprints". How to use it for real dress design?

    • Jez Kabanoff

      yes, if you unwrap the mesh before you sew it you'll have perfect UVs =)

      • Kirill Poltavets

        No, I mean - is it suitable for real (not only CG models) design? This would be super-cool to have an easy way to construct dresses, t-shirts, skirts and other stuff here! :) I would like to try something like this but I'm lazy to use usual measuring techniques (not with computer)... learning a usual way how to construct clothes. I think you understand that it's possible in other way. The reason why I'm asking is because it's much easier to model clothes not as plain pieces but "almost ready" and on some distance with body. Then you see approx. how it will be laying on it (before baking). Then you bake and if it's cool - you unwrap your bended model to get plain pieces. I'm sure it's not easy to re-bake applied Cloth Sim to get plain forms. Or you insist that it's better to construct plain pieces then check if it's on body? Anyway, your patch is cool and looks useful! Thanks for this! :)

        • Jez Kabanoff

          oh i see, i'm not sure how useful it would be for constructing real physical clothes, it'd be hard to get things like the stretchiness accurate and but should be a good start! you could lay out all the pieces flat and print it or something after getting it right. but i'm not sure. good luck!

          • Paul

            Hi jez,
            However, a word on this theme, stretch fabrics.
            During the making of patterns for clothing, the stretch is deducted as a percentage on the X axis or the X and Y axis depending on the garment and if the raw material, whether or not, stretch in the respective direction.

  • T.E. Mencer

    Oh .. my ... goodness. This is fantastic work! I can already see this being something that saves me personally excessive amount of time! GREAT work, Jez!

  • Raoul Garcia

    it's a very good thing to make real cloth with your patch.I'm so happy.Thancks Jez!! :)

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Very impressive tool. Very useful ! Thanks !

  • greylica

    Ohhh, It makes a nice spandex !

  • claas

    wow this is amazing - I hope this will make it into Blender Trunk!!!

  • Dain Shan

    I totally love this. I really really really ( note the 3 really *g ) this will come to the trunk soon.

  • Brian

    This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

  • Lyle Walsh

    Mesh Deform! - How could you use this to generate a low poly deform mesh to then animate/ deform the clothes with the character underneath??

  • Jeff Bright


  • Jack000

    I was trying this out with some paper patterns provided by a clothing manufacturer. The problem I came across was that each sewing edge has to have the same number of vertices.

    I'm not sure what the best solution for this is, but for now I'm writing a script to re-edge my mesh with evenly spaced vertices.

    Great stuff sleepless! This has saved me a lot of work.

    • Jez Kabanoff

      yes, making the mesh match on the edges is annoying, especially since you need to add all the loose edges manually. it'd be great to have a script that did delaunay triangulation on the mesh with a specified triangle area

      • Jack000

        I was considering this, but would a delaunay triangulation work well with cloth sim? My impression was that it works better with evenly-distributed points like a grid.

        • Karlis Stigis

          Actually all cloth simulation should be done with randomly triangulated mesh.. that gives much more organic look and better simulation. We would need some kind of modifier or function to convert mesh. If I remember corectly.. in maya that was done automaticaly for cloth..

          • Jez Kabanoff

            I've talked to the person who wrote blender's cloth sim and it is best suited to quads. I will look in to a good solution for generating a nice quad mesh of user specified density...

      • Jack000

        here is my script to redefine the edges:
        I may have to clean this up a bit and turn it into an addon.

        there is a delaunay triangulation addon here:

        the only thing left is a script to randomly populate points in the mesh

  • Nabil Stendardo

    Ask the blender devs to add this into trunk. This would make a great addition for Blender.

  • Karlis Stigis

    Actually you could make a whole new blender distribution for fashion designers. I know those softs cost A LOT of money.. and Blender has a good founation already for that.. Like Optitex or other..

    • Marlene Turcotte

      Oh gosh, I would get behind a project like that for sure!

  • Xero

    As a former 3DS Max user I've been wishing for a feature like this in Blender cloth for a very long time. This patch makes me a very happy blender today.

    • Xero

      wait I can't find any. All I see are those for Linux :(

  • Paul

    Hi Bart,
    Very, very clever.
    I can not program in Piton but I am a pattern maker for the fashion industry and I can help you maby.
    I see that you shrink the pattern to the body and that can not be the intention.
    A dress pattern comprises the shape of the body plus certain spaces which
    determine the shape of the garment and for motion freedom.
    Step one should be, the drape of the pattern around the body.
    Step two, add or take away from the pattern values ​​to adapt.

    If you wish, I can send you basic patterns, but only in the form of DXF files.
    And Bart! In your demo you place the front pattern in the back of the lady and the back pattern on the front.
    Me, that hurt a little ...And the lady to... HA.HA.

  • piccobello

    How can I install this? Do I have to build blender with this patch?

  • Ludovic_L

    Hello to all. This is really an amazing feature. Its gonna be so easy now to design and experiment with garments and customise them.

    Big thanks to you Jez.

  • robis24

    Wow really nice needed I this !!used to use . My blender fashion project

    • Jez Kabanoff

      wow your stuff looks great!

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