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  • Paul Murphy

    This is really cool , Not quite sure what it is though...

  • MillionthVector

    Looks like it's supposed to be more of an art piece than a 3D model example .

  • BgDM

    That is true basse imagery. Awesome as always and good to see you doing some stuff again!

    • Bastian Salmela

      bgdm! what's up? long time no hear..


  • 8-bit

    I like the look of this. Raw looking, yet interesting.

  • somat

    Nightmare before Christmas, a movie made with puppets as actors, could have been the inspiration for this one. I'm not completly sure however since I haven't seen the movie itself, only some pictures of it.

  • Karlis Stigis

    Love the style of this! And good work with lightning too.

  • Andres Felipe Muñoz

    Oh, man, that is creepy, cool but creepy

  • Toneddu2000

    Wonderful realization; lighting, scene, postprocess... a real masterpiece!

  • Danie

    An image made in the same style was posted on BN a few months ago, wasn't it? Is it by the same artist?

  • Bacour

    somat: Are you serious? You've never seen A Nightmare Before Christmas? There are other inspirations far more relevant than that for this product (the Tool videos come to mind...), but it retains some originality. Overall I really like it.

  • Skupper

    I really like this image. Very illustrative and fun.

  • basse

    hi, and thanks for the comments.
    yes, this is the same character that got posted here once already. this time in different environment and style.
    i'm testing out different things with him... and it's going to be series of pictures atleast, maybe animation, depending how things go and what i have time for.. it's my summer project...

    i post things on blenderartstis when i have more..


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