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OvniVFX Demoreel 2012


Teisson Froes writes:

This is the new reel of OvniVFX. For those who do not know OvniVFX is a studio focused on the advertising market. Located in Sao Paulo Brazil. Our pipeline is all in Blender 3D on Ubuntu linux. We use the Yafaray, Cycles and Octane Render for rendering.

This video is also available in HD on vimeo.


  • jiggles100

    excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor

  • T.E. Mencer

    Ok. I'm ... more than just a little impressed here. Nice work!

  • zsolnai

    That is some incredible artistic work. Congratulations!

  • Wasa

    This just goes to show what Blender is capable of in a studio pipeline.
    The open movies are nice as well but have a limited budget and are crunched for time for the projects.
    Thinking about it as I type this, it could be very beneficial for the Blender Foundation to do a training/advertisement annually. Basically taking on a real contract, and using a mix of professional blender artists, and those wishing to take that next step.
    It would benefit in a few ways, money from the client to support the Blender Foundation for even bigger projects requiring coders. Possibly tuition from these aspiring artists, which further helps. As well as training more artists to do professional ad work in Blender. With greater exposure it should begin to make even more studios take a first or second look at blender as much more cost effective and viable solution for studios.

    I think I've likely said more than enough :D so I'll stop here.

    • JeroenM

      The open projects are all about evaluating the blender feature set and pipeline and setting new development targets.
      You can't do that in commercial projects because they are much more crunching for time within budget. Everything has to be finished yesterday when you're working for a client, delivering the requiered qualitiy.

      • Wasa

        I wasn't suggesting doing it as a replacement for open movies.

  • Anderson Baptista


  • Pavel Shchukin

    It's more breathtaking, than Hypnotoad! Outstanding!

    • heinz

      *indistinctive voice* "All hail to the Hypnotoad!" :-)

      • pjohnsen

        DzzzzZzzzz (sound of the Hypnotoad convincing us all)

  • Philip Witte

    Blender on Linux to make VFX?

    I would love to work for this company!

    • Aditia A. Pratama

      me too...I would apply for this company

  • Sebastian Krystosik

    Wow! There is nothing more to say :)

  • davinci990

    Glad to see this reel! Impressive work. Yet, that humble box of corn starch.was a good bid for business. LOL

    One small nit-- if I may venture a wee comment on such a superior reel:
    I enjoyed looking at the reflected lights moving over the jet, until the cut with the logo, at 02:02
    I lost my suspended belief here, momentarily. I was surprised by my reaction and wondered why. Like the moving construction crane in the first sequence, might some incidental animated object at proper scale make the airplane look less like a model in this shot...?

  • Willy Nsangou

    Help looking for my mouth plz!! Damn that's was a freaking good demoreel

  • Nathan Carl Lewis

    Going to be emailing this to my old boss, who I time and time again, proved Blender was able to "hang" with the big boys in the industry. This demo reel again shows that. Excellent work, what I would do to be on your team.

  • Jordan

    Typical VFX Demo Reel. Could easily be shortened by at least 2 minutes.

    • Martín Eschoyez

      please surprise us with something outstanding from you or shut up, and go to the cinema ;)

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Speak for yourself - I enjoyed every minute of it.

      • Willy Nsangou

        BIG +1, still push/violate the button pause and play :)

    • chromemonkey

      Typical unregistered user, making glib comments in an attempt to be deliberately provocative.

    • fmoritz

      How about you shorten your life by hanging yourself...that should take about two minutes?

      Don't listen to clowns like these, the video reel was fun, enjoyable, and artistically inspiring.

    • VFXcine

      A VFX Demo Reel needs to show work, and is about that. IF it was a editing reel sure, it could be shortened by 2 minutes. But this is just my opinion and that's what we all do here. When we say... "Hey, this is just typical!" maybe it's just because it works. Most of the times this is the most important thing for being a Digital Artist: Make it WORK :))))

  • onjoFilms

    Very nice work!

  • Animax-ticoi-de

    Amazing, great demo reel. However every time that I see amazing productions like this one, I notice that they have always used an external render. Honestly I think Blender is capable of everything, from modelling to great animation, but I can't say the same when talking about the render part. Neither Blender Internal nor Cycles do not produce this type of shine in depth renders like octane among others.

    • Willy Nsangou

      he said they used also Cycles

  • AQA

    I n c r e d i b l e !

    That's the most impressive professional Blender usage I've ever seen.

    It's amazing!

  • aqa

    ups my last message has been eliminated

    Amazing Professional Blender usage, the best I have seen!


  • Karl Stein

    It's very impressive ! all done with blender.. and so professionnal.

  • Zander Nicolic

    Amazing, Real pro level. I feel both humbled and inspired. Thank you.

  • stephen

    Shiny, very nice stuff chaps

  • comoris

    love it, always wondering what hardware small companies like yours use to render en preview this cool stuff in HD. I always feel like a snail when i render & preview stuff on my I-(can't use cuda)-mac. love to here...

  • matthew/mofx

    Love it, great reel guys. Can't tell you how pumped I get seeing other studio's using Blender in advertising.

  • Symphony


  • William Santacruz

    muy muy bueno!!! felicitaciones!!! me inspiran mucho!

  • johnj

    and now there are no reasons to avoid blender in a studio! i don't think there could be a better demoreel made with any other software...

  • reezjer

    this is great stuff ! well done !

  • Dirk Moser

    Exellent promotion for blender i think.....amazing !

  • Johnny

    With After Effects??

  • chaitanya k

    oh wow!

  • Brian Lockett

    I saw that little crab and couldn't help laugh thinking about that crab on DBZ Abridged Episode 27. Boss demo reel, by the way.

  • Wellington Torrejais da Silva

    Muito Interessante, é legal mostrar coisas que as vezes passam despercebidas.
    Congratulations, beautiful work.

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