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Head Sculpting Study


By Andri Viyono.

Andri writes:

I'm trying to learn how to sculpt an human head in blender. It so hard for me because I don't really know about the anatomy of the human head. Done in blender 2.63, internal render .


  • kABHIr

    i think this is nicely done but needs some corrections especially on forehead but in overall i think its very well done.

  • Aditia A. Pratama

    this is really good...going to the next level for texturing...go go go Andri :)

  • Paul J Mason

    It's a comic book character; as long as it's detailed (which you nailed), all is good.

  • Azmi Azahari

    Looks like a human head to me. Great job!

  • wildduck

    Just bigger muscles and you've done a nice Hulk ^^
    Good job !

  • fugifunk

    Looks great, but if you're looking for advice, there's some time-lapse videos on Blender cookie ( on head-sculpting, parts 1 & 2 focus on the box modelling & sculpting,part 3 is texturing, they have recently been uploaded, might help. Also, a look at an artist's anatomy book may help you understand where curtain muscles are.

  • Peter Houlihan

    If you want to learn anatomy do lots and lots of life drawing :)

    • Peter Houlihan

      Forgot to mention: It looks amazing! Good work.

  • Dewald

    Looks really good. You show good knowledge of anatomy of the face with this piece. Peter is right life drawing will build your anatomy knowledge.

    One of the best teachers of anatomy of the face, anatomy in general is the digital sculptor Ryan Kingslien. He is brilliant in deconstructing the elements into its simplest forms. He also knows his anatomy very well.

    Here is a webinar I found with a quick search although I haven't gone through this particular video . It is called
    Sculpting The Face. .

    He is a truly great teacher and his voice is so soothing and calm. I like to listen to it when I feel anxious. Hahaha.

    Ryan Kingslien uses Zbrush but that does not matter when he deals with anatomy. Some tutorials he focuses on Zbrush's tools technically (these tutorials wont do much for you if you use Blender's sculpting).

    He also has an amazing tutorial on deconstructing and sculpting folds/cloth.

  • Anima-x-ticoide

    HULK HULK HULK is here RUN !
    Yes definitely a master piece. Congratulations !

  • filipc
  • spirituart

    Hulk when he was in his 20's!

  • johnj

    "we have an army" "we have BLENDER!"

  • Brian Lockett

    Nice sculpt! And I like the hair. I think you'll progress well in your growing in sculpting anatomy. Also, this Hulk kinda looks like if Pat Sajak became the Incredible Hulk.

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