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Blender Training, Paris, July 2-13

FxMachina is hosting a 2-week Blender workshop in Paris from July 2-13.

Hervé Pellan writes:

We represent a brand new firm specialized in CG training and practice of dedicated softwares for 3D and movie SFX.

We decided to organize and promote a training for Blender, dedicated to CG professionals. Attended trainees are required to already have 3D skills and practice, and production knowledges. In France, part of the social contributions of professional CG artists are donated to credit training. They can therefore benefit from free professional training.

Here follows our brief announcement for the training itself:

  • The training will be held from July 2 to 13, 2012.
  • The trainer is Richard "Richie" Lebihan.
  • Intended for CG artists of the entertainment industry who have already worked on 3D softwares.

Teacher Richard "Richie" Lebihan

A chance to be born at the beginning of personal computing. Another to have had a Silicon Graphics workstation to play with.

From video game, to the advertising through the art installation. Seventeen years of pixels in the eyes, cameras, skeletons, shaders ...

A Swiss army knife of business, a preference for solutions from the open source world. And when he could take some time for him, he prefers to teach!



  • Paul J Mason

    Why don't we ever have Blender events in Chicago? :(

    • john

      Why not!

  • kmo

    why never have in Africa? especial in Cameroon? free source but still difficult to achieve !!!!!!

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