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Weekend Mini-Contest Winners

Our weekend cube modeling challenge was a blast! Over 35 readers accepted the challenge (use only 10 non-overlapping cubes) and readers voted for the best ones. At the time of writing, Davide Nuzzi's 'Lovegift' was the winner with a total of 7 votes. Read on for some other cool works (mostly based on the number of votes, and a little on my personal preference), or check out the contest post to see all the submissions.

I hope everyone enjoyed it - should I do this again?

antOons: 'homerun'

MartianR: '300...'

Jerel Reeves: 'spilled milk'

MartianR: 'Basic Instinct...'


  • robbielosee

    Definitely do it again! (or other quick contests with similar constraints)

    • MillionthVector

      Yeah! I definitely would like some more!
      Next weekend too?

      • Fergo Blender

        Can't wait till the next Comp. comes out :D

    • 8-bit

      yeah, perhaps even once a month as suggested with simliar constraints? I had issues sharing my I htink due to linkage..but next time I'd love to see a cheesy 3d render award given to the winner

      • Jordi957

        The award being a modeled trophy of course.

    • Vaughn Stegeman

      "or similar constraints" .. yeah, totally!! variety a bit. spheres, pyramids, etc .. nice =]

  • Timonium

    I love it! Please do it again

  • Joe Rea

    How did I miss this? I love mini-challenges!!!!

    • cmo

      I was thinking the same thing. :(

  • Brian Lockett

    Man, how did I miss this, too? This is awesome! It's so creative and challenging. And I loved the MartianR's ’300…’ scene! lol Yeah, please do this again soon!

  • Alex Carby

    Yes do this competition again - and the 'Basic Instinct' is brilliant along with 'Homerun'

  • 8-bit

    Grats to the winner. So many fun and clever ones by various people - fun contest!

  • onjoFilms

    I think it's a great idea. I lures one out of their safety zone of only doing tutorials.

  • MartianR

    It was a lot of fun to play with as a challenge. Maybe another idea might be to set an animation challenge - only 10 blocks (+ plane) on screen at any one time x say just 20-30 seconds duration

  • Kuvapuisto

    Many of them are done with 11 cubes...

  • stephen

    Yes, again, will be sure to enter next time, love this stuff

  • Baptiste

    Yes, you should do this again :-)

  • Madmesh

    Milk and 300 are my favorites.

    Completely missed this one as well.

  • chromemonkey

    This shows just how far off my judgement is! When I saw the ten-blocks version of "Basic Instinct" I was so certain that was going to be the far and away winner. I do like that "lovegift" won though.
    I'm also now certain that my own 'forced perspective lines' entry would have tanked, despite being technically clever it had no 'story' to hook people with.

  • Vaughn Stegeman

    Yes please again!
    I missed it. It looks fun.

  • MartianR
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