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Frutmotiv 2 - The Making Of

Art DDS shares a REALLY nice 'making of' of their latest production, Fruitmotiv 2. I was stunned to see the amount of CG that went into this production!


  • Aclariel

    Nice to see the use of Blender in publicity in other country :-)

    • lzymxn

      Although its not actually a blender sighting , verizon's new droid commercial shows some kids watching BBB on a motorola droid, still cool to see more exposure for the blender foundation, still counts as publicity right?

  • lzymxn

    Finally! I've been wanting to see this, the wait was killing me

  • Chuckie

    Cool, but why did they film it in a studio instead of on a real tennis court?

    • Adam LangwasserTv Ka

      There are many reasons for that.
      The most important one is, that you don't have to wait for the weather to get sunny or rainy or whatever. You can just make everything "in Post" and achieve almost every mood and effect you wish.

      • Jordi957

        Plus, the weather and lighting never seem to get *that* good.

    • Alexander Zubkov

      Well, I think that we've answered this question in the video: weather, fall-winter and deadline. :)

  • Karlis Stigis

    Did they use Blender for compositing too or not..? Probably not. :)

    • Alexander Zubkov

      Not Blender yet. But it's compositing features are becoming more and more attractive. :)

  • Colin Levy

    Haha, these guys are so charming. I love it!

  • Karan

    What program was used to generate trees? is it a freeware ?

    • Alexander Zubkov

      Program called ngPlant. Yes, it is freeware.

  • Alexander Zubkov

    Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for your comments! They mean a great
    deal to us. :)

  • blazer003

    Very cool to watch. I do more filming these days than Blender work, but this gave me a few cool ideas. Very nice work by our comrades.

  • troll

    Blender can't do this. It is not professional. You are an amateur if you use Blender!

    (yes, sarcasm)

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Great and funny "making of"! :D Great everything and great actors! :)) I even didn't realized it was cold to them on filmings...
    Thanks for all tips - this approach seems useful! I think maybe you should try to set a tracking device to drive lights' positions next time (just need to construct some simple mechanism for this). It can be useful if you want to film a running character (for example).

  • Aldi

    Just wondering, was the tattoo removal part done in Blender as well?

    • Alexander Zubkov

      No, it wasn't. To do this in Blender (in this particular case) some motion capture markers (dots) on girl's skin must be painted. But we didn't know that we'd have to remove it ab origin.

  • Sov

    Russian chicks are hot

  • mrunion

    Fantastic job, guys! Hats off to you!

  •éla-Szabó/100000198577059 Béla Szabó

    Great work :) I'm glad that you took the time to make it an in-depth making of video.

  • timk

    what i am missing is what renderengine was used? looks great

    • Alexander Zubkov

      We used Octane Render.

  • Kutato

    We wanted to see more productions will use Blender in work of this kind. A pity that in my country there is no creativity and ingenuity to make open source tools and create wonders like this commercial.

  • Mike Harrington

    Very nIce work...not much of a blender guy, more lightwave/maya....but i am learning as it is getting more powerful with each release...
    Question, I also run Octane...was this done before cycles, and which do you prefer

    • Alexander Zubkov

      Well, as I know, Octane was made earlier than Cycles and I really love this engine because of it's performance and easy-to-setup (just try materials setup and you'll see what I mean :)). BUT Cycles is being develop very rapidly and now seems to have more production features, than Octane (yes, Octane has real SSS, but otoh render passes and instances in Cycles). And, of course, integration.
      So today I still like Octane more than Cycles, but for my next project I chose Cycles render engine. Will it change or not in time — depends only on engines' developers. :)

  • Shane

    Awesome stuff! Fantastic breakdown and incredible end product. I seriously couldn't tell that it was a CG background. I'm going to have to look more into Blender for my own video work. CG backgrounds could save me quite a lot of money!

    • Alexander Zubkov

      Thanks, man. :)
      Just an advice: CG backgrounds cost a lot of time (which is money in a sense) — so the idea is to determine which variant is more appropriate in every particular case.
      Best regards,
      Captain Obvious. :))

  • Nabil Stendardo

    Seems like using an atomic bomb to kill a fly. It would IMHO have been much easier to take a flight to some place in the southern hemisphere (Australia and New Zealand come to mind as countries in which such tennis courts can be found). Just a question: did you bill your client according to the extra hours of work (with respect to simply filming it in a natural background)?

    • Alexander Zubkov

      It may be surprising but even in Russia such places can be found. We could go to some southern city like Sochi, Tuapse, Anapa, Krasnodar, etc. But it is not a couple of men to go. 14 people with lots of equipment and other stuff. But before that we had to find the place, re-project our filming process due to new location... And still weather: we could arrive there and... clouds, rain, wind... we would have to wait for several days. And this all — searching, relocation, waiting, and other stuff — is money. I am just saying that in this case it was cheaper to use CG. :)

  • Davi Antonio Mulek

    Great work!!! Thanks for sharing this with us. :D

  • Alejandro Benavente

    Great work! Thanks a lot for the insights.
    OT from Blender world, but... I noticed you seemed to record your footage straight in your dslr's. I wondered wether you had any problem in the keying stage due to the native reduced chroma sampling of the h.264 files... we've had some headaches in the past when shooting chroma footage in any non-4:4:4 format (quite heavy stair-stepping on the edges, really nasty hair, the usual suspects...)
    Thanks once again; keep up the good work!

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