Red Fox

By Lucas Falcao.

Lucas writes:

This is an old model/work I started sometime ago, but only now I managed to finish it. And it was a challenge to me do this work, a lot of complex things, fur and grass, but I learned a lot too. I posted my progress in the Blender Artists forum and I received a lot of feedback that helped me a lot to improve this work, so a big thanks to those guys!

Since I was a kid I always like nature and really like watch documentaries about this, so I guess this fase of my childhood has inspired me in my last two works and it was really good. So I decided create that red fox, because I really like this orange color and their contrast with the green of grass, trees, etc, I think it’s beautiful and I always think the fox as a friendly animal, so that’s what I tryed to pass here.

I used Blender for almost everything, just used Photoshop for some retouches in the texture and in the final render.

More info on my website.

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  • Bence Bodó

    i think you managed to capture a friendly notion of a fox (on which idea i wholeheartedly agree), a pleasent picture with interesting legs

  • Brian Lockett

    My favorite animal. :)

  • snot nose

    beautiful picture, especially the render. I see a lot of foxes in the night when i go with my dog in the park, and you really captured it

  • JoolsMcFly

    I like its look, very deep.

    Couple of things that caught my attention: legs which are a bit big and long, and fur looks too think IMHO.

    Grass looks good.

    Good job!


    Nice Red Fox. Beautiful hair particles !

  • Kirill Poltavets

    This is really beautiful! And the fox was chosen really well.


    Great image ! I like it a lot. Congratulations.