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UV Mapping in 3 Minutes

Here's another video by Daniel Kreuter, this time explaining the basics of UV Mapping in Blender.

Daniel writes:

This is the 8th part of the tutorial series about important tools and features in Blender. I hope you'll enjoy it just as the other ones. This time it is about the different types of UV mapping but also about UV mapping in general.

If you're interested in more tutorials or other projects I'm working on feel free to add me on Google+ to your circles.


  • Jestablunt

    very nice, short, but compact, it gives valuable information to start with uv-mapping... 

  • Brian Lockett

    Every time a new Daniel Kreuter video releases, my heart jumps a little.  I love watching these.  Yet another nice micro-tutorial, Daniel!

  • Jordi957

    Very helpful for us who tend to just mess around with the different types until we find one that works. ;-)

  • R Janssens

    Already know UV mapping, but it's the little facts that help everyone inside this video that makes it a gem.

  • Guest

    Like. :)

  • chromemonkey

    Bart, with Disqus is it actually possible for a user to delete a comment?  When I use the dashboard and choose the delete red-x button, the actual message stays behind with the username removed and the "Guest" icon in front of it, like with the test I just did in the preceding message.

  • Confused

    Odd. It seems like it's going to be a quick introduction to UV mapping, but rapidly assumes prior knowledge about islands, limit value, etc. It's neither simple or detailed enough to be any use to a beginner (apart from the first few seconds) or much use to an expert.

    • Samuel Loy

       I think it's great, though I fall somewhere in between a beginner and an expert. It's a good resource to know exactly which method of UV unwrapping does what without trying each one every single time I use blender. What I would like this video to expand on is the image editor, it seems like an integral part of the process.

      • Reaction

        Agree with all above. For the beginner (and not so beginner!):

        a) What does UV mean? Ultra Violet?
        b) Why has my object's nicely aligned faces come out all wobbly in the UV editor, requiring lots of manual realignment?
        c) Do I need to (or can I) save this particular UV layout as a UV file?  If I unwrap the object again, will I lose all the alignment I did in the UV editor?
        d) Why do my nice sharp source image textures always look fuzzy in the final render?

  • June8design

    thanks, its very useful

  • Pixeldigger

    The music is painful tho...  especially the bell bs.

  • Laura Anne Seabrook

    This is an incedibly easy to understand video about how to do this. Thank you!

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