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Developer Meeting Notes, June 10, 2012

Blender is now in BCon3 and a demo of Blender on Android is now available!

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

Here's the notes of today's meeting in, #blendercoders:

1) Blender 2.64 release

  • Meeting decided to move to BCon3 (fixing-only period).
  • The bug tracker was shortly below 300 open issues, but new ones come in every day! We can really use everyone's help... if you have bugs assigned to self, check today!
  • Sergey Sharybin merges "Planar tracking" for the Clip editor today. There's even documentation!
  • Mango todos! Brecht, Campbell and Sergey will be working on final development tasks for the Mango Open Movie. Priorities are: Cycles (speed, baking or other optimize tools), Color (view transforms and display profiles), Key Mattes and other footage cleaning tools.

2) Other projects

  • Call for help testing ffmpg 0.11.
  • Lukas Toenne announces he likes to further work on node grouping, wants to find out best design for it to last many years... Meeting then also discussed other node todos, like for a generic plugin system.

3) Google Summer of Code

  • Alex Kuznetsov shows his Android demo (see below): Blender engine starts, reads .blend, plays back simple logic to rotate model

That's it, laters folks!

Blender Android Demo


  • DimitrisC

    Great job everybody! Blenderplayer on android looks nice so far.
    Can't wait for 2.64!

  • HiRes

    yes... me too... but when?

  • Jiggles100

    Can't wait to see BGE ported to android

  • Utopia780

    Thank you all for making Blender the most dynamic software package of all times.


  • basse

    the android video could use some grain and camera shake.
    it's now almost viewable.


  • Roeland Lems


  • Fabian Schempp

    Gameengine on Android is nice!
    Cycles baking would be great for games too. Thumbs up!

    • Caleb Jones

      Agreed! I've been messing around with baking for the past few days, and I'd love this!

  • Hikaru Ai

    Baking in Cycles <3 for my current game  :D

  • chromemonkey

    Now that the features of 2.64 have been frozen, I have a question about development for later versions. :)

    Does anyone know the status of making tool options and parameters "persistent"... such as which checkboxes to check or uncheck, what values for the parameters and sliders are used?  And I ask this with full foreknowledge that I'm not even sure if this is something that can be addressed in shared code for all tools vs needing to implement it one tool at a time.  The last discussion I saw about getting the tools to remember your last-used settings within a session was a year or more old. 

    Especially for tools like subdivide, it will be a great big increase in workflow speed not to have to keep setting the same tool options every time subdivide is used... it's a frequently used tool with a lot of different options to set and keep track of.  Some kind of "set it and forget it" functionality will be most welcome when someone can figure out a way to backcode it in to the main toolshelf code.

    • Gripyournuts

      You mean like a user defined preset button pops up a list of presets to choose from? that would probably help many people!

    • Wardrums

      the tool shelf is all done in python, just about all of the menus are. and they call the operators (or a pop up box to enter values) that then call say the subdivide operator.

      so you can change the default values with a bit of python coding. RMB on the button you want to change, and click 'show source' and in the text editor you will find the line of code that calls that operator.  has some info on how operators are defined and work.

      • chromemonkey

        Ouch... so it really is tool by tool in Python.  That being the case, there doesn't appear to be any easy way to program in a universal "remember last used values" process that applies to the entire toolset.  Time to get my geek on and start reading.

      • chromemonkey

        Argh!  No luck.  The tool I wanted to change isn't recodeable in this way.  Here is the error message I got:

        "Active button isn't from a script, can't edit source."

        It would appear that I am out of my league for this one.  What I specifically wanted to accomplish was for the new Subdivide code to "persistently remember" the last used checkbox values for "Quad/Tri Mode", number of cuts, and quad corner type.  Being non-script code, I don't think I can view the source and change the default values as I go.

      • chromemonkey

        My final update for now:

        Heh!  Guessing sure didn't work.  My first attempt at adding a default value crashed the entire remaining toolbar script, so back to studying for me for awhile.

      • chromemonkey

        After sitting on this for the evening, I'm starting fresh this morning with a back-to-basics question.  Is it even possible to use the toolshelf python code to override the default parameters for bMesh Subdivide?  The only variables it appears to allow me to set are "operator, text, icon, emboss", nothing more that I can see.  Will I need to change the actual C-language code to get at the defaults I was attempting to override?

  • ? ?

    I have installed ubuntu ( on my android pad. There are 2 icons of blender(windowed and fullscreen) on the desktop, however when I click there is nothing showing

    on the other hand, I can run openoffice and gimp in the ubuntu on this pad

  • ??????

    About andr/ubuntu problem. Start blender from terminal and read tracks/logs, it may be useful info there.

  • Raphael De Araújo Barros

    Where can I send suggestions about Blender development? Specially about the new knife tool?
    Thank you :)

  • Dron09

     Baking? Baking!!!!!! Cycles will be bake to textures!!!! Yeahhhh!!! *dance*

  • vfxdan

    Are we going to see a clone stamp tool in the clip editor? With the new masking tools comming soon, a clone stamp addition would seal the deal for my company to fully embrace Blender as a must have app.

  • Aniruddha Hardikar

    The video just made my day... no wait it made my month!! :D

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