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Video: European Extremely Large Telescope

A video of the he European Extremely Large Telescope ("e-elt") project by Marco Dima.

Marco writes:

Hi everyone, this is one of my first tests with Blender motion tracking...

Actually i'm working at INAF-Padova (Italy) and i'm a member of a group that deals with astronomical technologies. In particular, I use Blender to describe (with pictures or movies) the instruments or the new ideas of the group and than we eventually use my works in meetings or conferences.

A long time ago I' ve realized the E-ELT model without a particular destination. For long time my E-ELT model has been covered by dust, until two days ago...

I hope you like it.

Ps: For more details about E-ELT project, visit this website.

Here's another video by Marco:


  • Tweety

    I wonder how an "extremly large" telescope fits on a desktop.

    Anyway, the animation is convincing and works pretty good. A wide eyed staff-member gawking at the telescope would've made it over the top ;)

    • revolt_randy

       Obviously, it must be an 'extremely large" desk...

      • Guest

        No, the telescope was actually larger than the desk, but there was a massive temperature difference which caused differences in density and in IOR, so the light bended to  make it look as though it was smaller.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      That is a good question, yes ;-)

      • IamInnocent

         But a better answer still. :D

  • Tom Bartol

    I loved your animation!  Would have been most cool to see a gawking face reflected in the telescope mirror array.
    And I thought your scientific visualization of Pyramid vs. Shack-Hartmann was stellar :-)

  • Mal Praktis

    I think you did a fantastic job with the lighting.  It really seems to fit into the scene and it all looks believable to me.  The only criticism from me is the camera's movement is more than I believe necessary which makes it hard to really look at the telescope.   

  • Sixstringbass

    To put it in a nutshell: You're pretty good with these things... 
    Really very believable!The animation for the Shack-Hartmann vs. Pyramid wavefront sensor is also very well done!Btw: In Germany it is called Hartmann-Shack, probably because Hartmann was a german... lol ;)

  • Ashton

    so its a big desk/ small telescope 

  • Tuuba

    I am convinced.

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