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Tutorial: Colorful Cloth

Create this scene with cloth and a wind force field. .Blend files are included.

dimitrisc writes:

We'll use Blender's cloth simulation and some (actually some pretty strong) wind force field to create a clean and colorful animation. We'll also build a simple mix shader material and render our scene using cycles. Easy stuff imho. Enjoy!



  • JoolsMcFly

    Looking pretty realistic to me! Well done.

  • DimitrisC

    Thanks for the feature Bart! Just make sure you check all the tuts and get the .blend files.

  • Brian Lockett

    Simple but I like it.  It'd make a nice screensaver.  :)

  • chromemonkey

    At YouTube, it had four likes and three dislikes.  Wow.

    • DimitrisC

      There might be an explenation for this. It's the first videotutorial I've used some text on the result animation/cilp. To be honest I did it because it looked a bit empty without a text; I think this clip is ideal as a title plate short of thing. Some people might thought that I've marked my clip so they won't be able to use it (kinda of silly since they can get the .blend file and render a clean clip on their own). That's my theory; I really don't care about the thumbs down! 

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