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Quick Demo: Masking in Blender

Sebastian gives a quick (well, 10 minutes long) demonstation of the new masking tools in Blender. They're already in trunk, so you can either build your own Blender, or download one from Graphicall.


  • Charles HETIER

    I didn't know there where a mask feature in blender.
    I learnt many things, thanks for that.

    • Christoffer Bader

      It's brand new, so that's probably why :)

      • Charles HETIER

        ok, you're Right... I'll pay more attention on the comment next time.
        ... I didn't know there were will have such a feature in blender! ;-)

    • vegan

      It's not yet in the release version, but (only?) in Tomato Branch.

  • Foolish Frost

    It's more than brand new, it's beta and not in the core version yet.

    But it looks like something that will be very useful when it is!

  • Alan Perry

    Brilliant, another powerful feature for the Compositor. The fact that you can change the feather (even though it still needs the bugs ironed out) at point level is a feature that After Effects is sorely missing. Great job!

    • Guest

      Adobe AfterEffects got that since Cs6, as far as I know, but having that in blender is just epic!!

      • Alan Perry

        You're right, just had a look at the new features in CS6, I'm still on 5.5 :) Still cool though!

  • Wasamonkey

    If it was April 1st I'd be saying nice try, instead my jaw is dropped.
    Very impressive, looking forward to trying this out.

  • Ken & Grace Williamson

    head over to graphicall and graba copy of tomato.  And try it out

  • Konstantins

    Yay! Selective feathering!
    Perhaps it's corrected in last CS, but this feature was long missing even in AfterEffects.

  • Comeinandburn

    HOLY (insert expletive)!!!!!!!!  

    I love Blender!!  this brings me one step closer to getting the Adobe monkey off my back:)

  • vegan

    Thanks a million. I had most of it figured out but the feathering edge.

  • Karlis Stigis

    This is AWESOME, but I think WYSIWYG approach would be better. 
    Why not make result visible already in clip editor, not only in node editor.
    It's much easier to understand what's going on when masks work in the same place where you make changes.

  • Toni Buenavida 01

    good job guys!

  • onjoFilms

    Thanks Devs and Sebastian.  The comes just in time.  I downloaded Davinci Resolve to do this, now, in the trash bucket it goes.

  • Aniruddha Hardikar

    At 2:55 My jaw dropped :D

  • Spiker

    The parenting the mask to the tracking wow, so awesome, soon we'll never have to use after affects.

  • Christos Georgakas

     Sometimes Blender makes wanna cry you know.Being spending so much money on programs like AE just because its the "industry" standard.
    I hope companies(my boss too damn it! enough with cinema 4d) will soon release that open source is the best way to go forward!

  • Squeeze

    Looks nice. But the way to select is much to complicated. Would be much better to have less options and more intelligent selectors.
    It will be hard to find the right configuration all the time. In other 3d tools it is much faster and easier. 

  • Plarag

    Good Job! Another step further for having complete and competitive compositing features in blender. 

    This one already counts as a very decent roto aplication to use in combination with other applications.Many thanks for sharing your developments

  • amcam

    Is the spill node not connected ?  His face looks a bit green.

  • Rodrigo Guimaraes

    This is simply AWESOME! People might not first realize but this is a HUGE step up for Blender on the VFX Software field in conjunction with the tracking tools! Roto Mask has been the most basic feature in Compositing tools and Blender really needed this feature embeded on the Node Compositing Layout running in real time and not relying only on rendred sequence.
    Thank you so much for this new feature and Congratulations!

  • Zander Nicolic

    True, it's definitely awesome. Blender is becoming really a complete tool.

  • Viktorija Nesterenko

    Thank you.

  • Phobiss

    Can we parent trackers to single curve nodes?

    • Phobiss

       or vice versa

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