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Trailer: STEOREO

By Raphael Menges.

Raphael writes:

What are the benefits for visual perception that having two eyes brings with it? Which sensations can be artificially generated? To find out, it's two robots task to work through an experimental series that highlights some aspects of the problem.

This movie is a project work created in course of "Aspekte der Bildgestaltung" (transl. "aspects of prictorial design"), a seminar for the study course of Computational Visualistics at University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany) during summer term 2011. It will be released on June 30th, 2012.

All models and animations have been created and rendered with Blender and its internal renderer.



  • Adam

    Reminds of the two player aspect of portal 2

  • Harlequin

    Looks good. That's obvious, because it looks a little too much like Portal, and Portal looks good.

  • Hukkamonni

    Why is the video uploaded in 3D, when it's not 3D? The left & right images are identical.

  • Ömercan Yazici

    Great trailer! Looking forward...
    Super toller Film, sieht wirklich klasse aus... freu mich schon auf die Premiere... mach weiter so! :D

  • Guest

    Why is it 2D? Makes no sense. Only the last 2 seconds are 3D. Are you purposely trying to irritate people?

  • Willem Teeuwen

    I don't get this! 


    It is the idea of the movie to be 3D when both robots are attached to each other ;) All other scene are 2D like they are recorded by the cameras.

  • Jonathan Roth

    In 2d? So I wrecked my eyes doing an overlapping strero effect for nothing?!? ow!

  • Guest


    Nice animation, good concept, big mistake on when to introduce stereo depth.
    It would be fine if it were flat for just a short part of the whole video. Like "Wizard of Oz" is not in color for the first few minutes, but it is, well dumb, to do all but the last few seconds in 2D and present it as a stereoscopic video. The robots should have hooked up and provided 3D about one fourth of the way into it, or earlier. Otherwise people are saying, What!?! As you see from the other feedback.

  • Onuku

    That looks really cool, and could be an interesting game concept (like others have said, it seems similar to Portal with the design, the setting, and the testing aspect). I can't wait to see the finished product!

  • twent4

    Nice animations, but work on camera angles and editing... seems a bit too rushed.

  • Paul J Mason

     I like the "combined" concept.  Very clever.

    I haven't played Portal, so I can judge if it looks like it or not.  But, I liked this trailer. 

  • Tommy

    I watched it on my 3D TV, and the clip that actually is 3D (at 1:16) is really terrible, with vertical parallax and some object obstructing the lower part in one view.

    Pretty nice in 2D though


    Here is a screenshot of another 3D-Scene: 

    Later in full movie we will blend in an icon when you should put on or off the glasses.

    • Tommy

      "Later in full movie we will blend in an icon when you should put on or off the glasses."
      I'm sorry, but that sounds like a bad idea. Why can't you make it all 3D?

      Here's some information about 3D rendering in Blender and how to avoid ruining it all with vertical parallax:

  • Drunk Blender Tengu

    Now this gave me ReBoot nostalgia...

  • Guest

    Haha. 2 seconds of 3D and there is WRONG stereo3D. Images for two eye's are to much different!  Only on the left there is some "wall" (horizontal face). Parallax is also to big. Not good start

  • Matthieu Barbie

    98% percent of this video is 2D and the only two shots that are in 3D have too high depth and parallax are too high ( distance between eyes ). And I know about that I say, I do it all day long for TV series.


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