Model: 1950s VW-Van Blender 2.63 (Cycles)

By Jay-Artist.

Jay-Artist writes:

This is 1950′s VW Van, slightly customised but pretty much like the standard model. There’s a basic interior for something to see through the windows and two different sets of tyres and wheels, oh yeah and also some European number/License plates.

There’s a PDF doc in case you need more info and all textures are in a separate folder named “Textures”.

I recently posted this up with some other renders on Blender Artists forum.

Hope you like it and find some use for it,

Good luck,



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  • him

    nice color

  • Aditia A. Pratama

    pretty nice model and very good render…love it

  • Utopia780

    Thanks Jay!
    Wonderful model!

  • VanPelt


  • Raoul Garcia

    so cool! this car it’s my dream,good render 

  • Walshlg

    Dang, all it needs are big hippie flowers and a rainbow painted on the side

  • KeenTrager

    Hurley Van!!!!!!!

  • Mal Praktis

    very very cool.  Does it come with the pick up truck option?

  • Bernieman Tux

    Thx Jay. Excellent. Reminds me of earlier days

  • Jay-Artist

    Glad you guys like it, everyone wants flowers on it lol!