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Developer Meeting Notes, May 27, 2012

Blender 2.64 is in BCon2 now (add branches to svn, targets are defined).

Thomas Dinges writes:

Hi all,

Here are the notes from today's developer meeting in #blendercoders:

1) Blender 2.64 release schedule

  • Sergey is finishing code to make planar tracking ready for trunk.
  • Bug tracker is at 285 open reports, please take a look at bugs of your area and at least try to confirm them or close if they are not actual bugs.
  • Brecht will probably work on Cycles performance next week.
  • Campbell is working on masking tools in the tomato branch, is planned for the 2.64 release as well.
  • Sergej Reich will update Bullet in trunk to version 2.80.
  • BCon2 starts today.

2) Current projects

  • OpenColorIO integration is planned for the 2.65 release.
  • Freestyle needs further checks and reviews, afterwards we can see if this can be included and then set a date.

3) Google Summer of Code

  • First week of GSoC is over, some students already worked and commited to their branches, others are still catching up.
  • Reminder for students: Please write a report of your work each week and sent it to the soc-2012-dev mailing list!


Best Regards,


  • Robert Elm

    First!!! and great news!

  • Hadphild

    Now that AMD are looking at OpenCL for x264. Could the Belnder team got any support from AMD to get help with openCL for Rendering and the physics engine?

  • Jalik

    Brecht  isn't already working on cycles perf, i noticed some improvements... or maybe it's me.

  • Miuzik

    hello, I am looking for volume shader in cycle. Any chance to integrate this soon ?

  • Tom Haines

     Anyone know what is happening in regards to the generation of a skin for fluid particles? They have been in there for ages now, but remain mostly useless without the ability to create a skin. I have the perfect project for them right now, but am unfortunately having to use a pesky domain:-(

    • Karlis Stigis

      Agree.. good feature, but absolutely useless without ability to create mesh.

      • Blendiac

        It's pretty difficult for Raul who was working on this, right now. He's back in Cuba, but no longer has a job with internet access. Having internet access at home is illegal and the only public internet is very expensive and on machines that don't have any input / output (ie usb ports, cd-rom etc). It's also so slow it would amaze you. When we were there it took about 10 minutes to open gmail (and 30 minutes costs about half a months wages).

        I know Raul is still optimistic and looking for other ways (he's very resourceful), so we'll see. Just understand that he's working under very tough circumstances.

        • Karlis Stigis

          That's really sad. But.. as I understood.. he developed particles, but meshing was someone else project.. no?

  • Guest

    I would like too help, too. But I'm not a developer. For example is there an easy way to sumit tooltips? (would be something without a lot of coding, I think)

    and thanks for the great work, again :)

    looking forward to the new planar tracker!

  • Jordi957

    The BGE is only planned to be upgraded in 2.8? :(
    I was hoping for something sooner.
    Oh well.

    • chromemonkey

      Version 2.8 of Bullet, not Blender Release 2.8 -- two different things.

      • Brian Lockett

        Phew!  I had to read that one twice myself!

    • TheElwolf

      I may be wrong here so correct me if I am. But as I understand it, the next bullet upgrade Will be usable without having to go trough BGE.

      Althought when you think about it, I do hope it will be usable in both.


  • Uffo

    Volumetrics is coming for 2.65 too which is most important feature for Cycles

  • Dman

    Also, as I understand, Mike Farney created a pretty feature-complete Cycles shader for Anisotropic metal textures. Is that going to be merged in 2.64?

  • Jacob Someone

    So glad Freestyle keeps getting mentioned.

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