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Frutmotiv 2

Remember the 'Frutmotiv' commercial? Russian studio Art DDS have done it again!

Alexander Zubkov writes:

We made a sort of sequel of that Soda commercial, which now contains more CG, more action, and more freshness. :) It can be found here.

All CG was made with Blender, including fluid simulations, animations and virtual environment.

Right now we're working on "the Making of" video, where will try to give more detailed information about shootings and CG-making, than 2 years ago.


  • Hairyback

    jeez that is flipping well done!! cant wait for the making of. 

  • Bernieman Tux

    Very interesting. Lookin forward to see the "Making of".

  • Tom Bakker

    Holy cow! I was actually looking at the first commercial yesterday, and now this comes out! Great work guys!

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Wow, that's awesome timing ;-)

  • JiBZ

    молодцы! отличная работа!

  • lexi

    I never get it: wearing dark clothing on a hot day. Downblouse? Was the CG not enough to convince?

    • Nymphokitten

      Yeah u dont get it. Did you even ask the concept behind it? He couldve just arrived after travelling from a cold place to a hot one. He could have made a fashion disaster? Perhaps coming from a photoshoot or audition?

      You cant seriously just "get it"

    • T.E. Mencer

      I wear dark clothing on hot days all the time. It's a color preference. I work in an office, where there is air and often sweet like an over-exercised pig on my drive home. But by that time I don't have to worry about smelling like a gym. 

      Why dark clothing? It's just what I enjoy wearing. I've never been a white shirt guy .. the closest I get is a gray or blue shirt. Dark colors just feels ... nice to me. Personally. I'm a shy person, so they make me feel like I can hide a bit more.

      Of course, when you're drenched in perspiration and every step you take makes a wet, squishy sound from being saturated it's hard to hide ...

      • Benjamin Lindquist

        Ditto, I wear dark clothes almost all the time as well. It's just what I prefer no matter how hot it is outside and I don't see anything wrong with it.

      • lexi

         Ah well i prefer orange, red or blue otherwise it would take me down. But i  only had a white piece in form of a jacket and never leather besides shoes as i cant stand the smelling but i think it must have to do with quality or sort of leather. And for black sometimes a jeans. But i was at no time on the stylish course. Black is more my furniture and IT equipment.

    • Zomby

       What connection between air temperature and clothes color?

    • dani

      Well, there is an open discussion concerning the color of clothes regarding UV. Some say dark clothes are better because the UVs are trapped by the fiber instead of contiinuing onto the skin, which makes sense. Some others says that light colors are better because they reflect light which makes sense too. However, reflecting light does't mean reflecting the whole spectrum and while they do reflect IRs (one end of the spectrum which produce the heat) and visible light nothing says that they reflect UVs (the other end of the spectrum in terms of wavelength). Desert people often wear dark clothes but NOT tight clothes.

  • T.E. Mencer

    This looked fantastic! Well done!

  • Coen4d

    Nicely done, only the story, like in most commercials, is boring and practically non existent.

    • Brian Lockett

      You need stories with commercials, man?  o.O

      • Tweety

         Not us, but the companies who are selling their stuff... to keep the products in our minds.

        The first campaign was more entertaining to me too, though this one seems to be technically more challenging

      • Coen4d

        Yes, a story is a very effective way to catch someone, else you could just say, here is a bottle with drinkable fluid, it exists, go buy it.

  • Philip Witte

    AAA grade Blending right there

  • Rlocatellidigital

    Very good! Inteligent use of fluid simulation!

  • Ryanjohnsond

    Very nice tennis racket effect!  All blender?

  • Drunk Blender Tengu

    Fluid simulation glory. In this hot summer instead of a pool I'm going into Cycles and make some cubes to splish splash in HD to refresh myself, LOL.

  • Alexander Zubkov

    Hi, everyone!
    Thank you for your comments! While we're working on "the Making Of" video, it may be interesting for you to look at some w.i.p. pictures:

  • Sam

    Hm, what is much hotter? the CG or the girl? ............I like the CG but i prefer the girl :)

  • Alexander Zubkov

    Thank you for your replies! :)
    So, “the Making Of” video is available now ;)

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