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Cycles Matlib Beta Release! Help Wanted!


Help build a materials library for Cycles.

meta-androcto writes:

Hi, for several weeks I have been collecting Cycles Node set ups & materials. The goal is to provide a fairly comprehensive Material Library for Cycles.

I'm currently seeking Materials & Textures (Cycles only, no images) to build upon this library to present the community with a .blend mat lib (availible on Blendswap) & a Python Addon Material Lib for Contrib addons.

You can read more, submit materials & download the beta version on the BlenderArtists thread here.

Thanks & enjoy Cycles.


  • Guest

    Wow, nice idea, I will contribute materials soon :)

  • Bhavin Solanki

    omg, this is what I wanted.

  • Davidjamesmcdermott

    if this was build in it would be a great feature. Thanks for your efforts.

  • Dusty

    We need this for internal too! 

    • Erickblender

      Someone has already done it. look for it ;)

  • Uriel Deveaud

    Just needed !!! woaaa ! thank you !!!!

  • Guest

    Finally! YEAH!

  • Guest

    Great Idea

  • Ömercan Yazici

    Good project... could be very useful!

  • Amigoface

    definitively a great idea, very helpfull for blender cycles users

  • Giorgio Martini

    Please change the text font, is soooo ugly, use helvetica at least...   ;-)

    • Chaos

      Helvetica is copyrighted. Use FreeSans instead.

      • Colin Griffith

        Helvetica and FreeSans are too similar to look original. Use the Ubuntu Font instead.

    • alex

       Seriously?! The Font-type!?! XD Maybe some nice music would help the material library as well? XD XD

    • Grzesiek

       Helvetica was designed for big banners, not tiny captions. Using it for UI or something similar is like making bullets from caviar.

  • guest

    With an integrated UI for selection and submission? (skimmed this, but first thing that sprang to mind)

  • John Milton

    I hope Blender will have one day a Material Presets browser like other 3D softwares, a la Modo ( Actually is very hard and unpractical to work with materials in Blender. This Matlib is just one step, but we need more. Just my two cents. :)

    • Michal Vašut

      I think it's better that material library is not included in Blender by default. It has small compact size

      The best way would be to make on-line repository with 2 interfaces (Blender via addon and website - but that is not necessary). And user then downloads what is needed.

      • RavWulf

        If all of the textures are just procedural node setups as indicated by the "no images", it shouldn't add noticeably to the overall size of blender.

    • 8-bit

      I agree 100% about a material preset browser. It's a basic feature that's been sorely missing in Blender for way too long. A built-in material preset library with categories and ability to create categories/subcategories should of been implemented years back IMO. I suppose it's just not a priority. Would help tremendously for new comers and working professionals alike. Hoepfully by the end of the year there will be something available until it's added by the devs.

  • erick parra

    Thank you, good job for the community !!


    A new Blender Material Library , that would be kickASS . 

  • therealnoz

    Shouldn't OTHERS and MISC be the same category?

  • Drunk Blender Tengu

    Buena idea ;) Sometimes going back and forth from B3D to Google just to look for material settings and references hinders workflow. A material compendium would be a nice addon for Cycles.

  • Brendon Murphy

    thanks for all the kind comments.

    In a couple of weeks I'll be transfering the Cycles Materials library to an Addon.
    Please note, there'sa couple of test scenes in the ,blend file for testing materials.

  • Arnaud Couturier

    That would be useful, especially if it comes bundled with the official Blender.
    Keep it up Meta !

  • cdbfoster

    I think this could certainly be useful to help get newcomers into node-based setups.

    Also, "WOOD cycles" is making my inner OCD twitch a bit. (Please capitalize "cycles" like all the others) :P

  • Brendon Murphy

    cdbfoster, nice find! man I must have looked right through it 100 times.

    Updates are already in First post on Blender Artists.
    Thanks for everyones support.

  • Ashton

    i would contribute but i suck at texture in general

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