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  • StormChaser295

    Wow... Now that is awesome! Very nice job!

  • Dirk Moser

    Great  - like that style !

  • Julio Pires

    thanks guys,Thank you for publishing my work Bart

  • Zecc

    Oops! Posted on the wrong page.
    But I do like the bike!

  • mikebelanger


  • p8ntr

    As I posted on Blenderartists, it's nice but I prefer the original much better. It would be nice if you gave credit for the design to Solifague Design even though you changed things around.

  • RB

    I prefer the original also (, the proportions are far better balanced.

    Please credit the original artist.

  • TheOz91

    I assume it's steam powered!

  • Condar

    Very cool design , I do like the color theme .

  • Guest

    Nice model but give credit to original designer, it seems you steal others works

  • 8-bit

    Very cool looking bike... I don't mind being 'influenced" by a certain style or previous art work, but to make it your own I think there's should be more variety unless stated it's a knock-off/rip-off of XYZ, perhaps as an excersize. Nice job capturing the original.

  • Talmore

    Awesome model! Good thing you put the word "steam punk" on it or I would not have known ;P

  • dbeaton

    Clearly inspired by the Black Widow with the wheels, coloring scheme, and suspension design, but there are some significant differences that aren't cosmetic and required some thought. Also, the shape and proportions of this bike aren't liable to get the rider killed. :) I like it.

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