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  • Andreas Galster

    Awesome reference! And perfect Timing :)

  • Daniel Kreuter

    I'm glad to see that finally more videos like that are being produced and also from different persons.

    I hope we'll see even more of these tutorial. They'll be a great information resource together.

    • George_Kim

      Thank you, Daniel, for pioneering this type of tutorials. :)

  • Rogério Perdiz

    Blender hair... looks awesome on motion but presents serious problems when there is few motion or any motion. So no Drama animations guys, just Jackie Chan stunt scenes :) 

  • Oslaf

    Looks awesome. Was this made with the strand render and buffered shading, or -shudder- full raytracing?

  • LswaN

    Awesome video, thank you very much for this.

  • Liam Walls-Ott

    whenever I make hair, the hair dynamics cause the hair to fall through the mesh. Even with collisions. How do i fix that?

    • AnonymousCoward

      Have you tried putting a second mesh that is not rendered as a shield for the first one?
      It is a hack of course, maybe somebody else can provide a better solution.

      • matt

        You have to make sure that the collision modifier is above the hair modifier, then turn the segments up (5 segments makes the hair look like it is going through the object even though its not supposed to)


    Well done information pack , will save lots of time indeed , especially very slow CPU users like myself , thanx a million . 

  • chromemonkey

    I forgot I had my speakers turned up that loud, until the glass-cracking sound of the hair-splosion a minute in.

  • Husam

    Great video. Thanks :)

  • young_voter

    Is this a fad?  Blender hair, by some of the great Blender artists, on Sintel looks terrible.

  • Guest

    didn't know blender was capable of creating so realistic-looking hair! I really need to try a few things with hair soon.

  • Karlis Stigis

    Hair without geometry collision - useless for animation. Sorry.

    • Shef

      Not useless, just harder to use. You can always use a low poly version of your mesh with a forcefield that will not be rendered. That way hair calculations are faster, and it works alright for animations.

      • Karlis Stigis

        I hate that it's even not possible to make hair NOT to go through the emitter itself. Well.. maybe force field again.. painful.

        • Shef

          Alright, I agree with you. I tried out the hair particles for the first time in a while. (I usually only use it for fur, or static images) and it really is a pain. I hope they fix it for the next update. I would ask to just bring back the old system, but I don't know enough programming to make suggestions. So I'm just gonna shut up and keep hoping :)

  • Ching

    Wow, you can sell shampoo !

  • Kylehagmail

    Awesome tutorial! I love it.

  • onjoFilms

    I shouldn't have watched this before going to bed.  

    • haris500

      same now i dont wana sleep and wana try this out :(

  • olivertex

    I'm not much into animation, but the videos by Snowleopard24 really pique my curiosity.
    Very useful as a reference.

  • ShyGuest

    I dont know, I just think.. like.. super.. saiyan, goku or something.. ;/

  • Augie

    Can I utilize this hair in a game engine or in the built in blender engine? If not, would you recommend a fur shader or hair mesh that would react to wind and would be high resolution enough to be seen at close distance?

  • Mark Weaver

    It has also helped for my own hair simulation to enable the Hair Dynamics panel and set the Stiffness to a higher value. I got ok results at 0.8. This setting tells the simulation not to allow the roots to move or rotate. Without it, the roots freely rotate and as the hair is pulled down, the roots rotate downward and the hair passes through the body, etc.

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