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Trailer: Palmipedarium

Jérémy Clapin is working on a 10-minute short movie in Blender, which is to be released later in 2012.


  • Johantri

    This is Cool ^__^ can't wait for the release !

  • Alexkemmler

    this looks really quality.  Something I would expect to see in the 'best animated shorts of 2012' reel, in a theater...

  • Mookie

    It looks really great, you can feel the story behind this already, extremely promising trailer! Nice animation and desgind, just wow!

  • etufoz

    This looks amazing!  Well done :)

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    So far, the graphics look great ! I'd like to see the whole thing.

  • T.E. Mencer

    Looks really unique and well styled! Looking forward to see this come to fruition! Good luck!

  •ávio-Lima/100001724260924 Sávio Lima

    Very interesting. Style is everything. Well done.

  • Razvandit

    looks great!!!!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Wow! Great! Reminds me "The hedgehog in fog" cartoon. And this trailer is pretty intriguing :) What he'll see? An angel's duck.. or some duck's memories? Or... something easy like little duckies that will get him to decide not to kill these ducks? Or his son will... turn into a duck? :D

  • Yury Bulka

    Very good! The (most) important part - the *mood*, *expressed* in colors, shapes, textures, camera, and (especially) movements. Many art work today is moodless... Sometimes art work may be forbidden to have a mood, because it will make it out of the big standard (which says: have *this* mood, and not this). I really like this trailer! Please always express mood with your art!

  • Kevin Harper

    Brilliant. Lovedthe last shot, with the shotgun barrel emerging over the top of the hide. Lookin forward to this. 

  • onjoFilms

    lol, my dog heard the first part and woke up and started growling.

  • cessen

    Wow.  That looks fantastic.  I'm especially impressed by the quality of the animation, which is something that often gets skimped on in short film projects.  And the style is fantastic.

  • Sixstringbass

    This is looking great!
    Just found your short movie "Skhizein" at YouTube.
    Love your style. Can't wait to watch "Palmipedarium"

  • Dewald

    What an original style. And captivating trailer. I want more. I love the eerie vibe. I can't wait to see this film.

  • Dimimiha

    I can´t wait for this! His last short film was amazing and I didn't have a clue back then that he was involved with the Blender community. I am so excited for this!

  • Dddjef

    Hi there, I'm the technical director of this film (and the two first too). Only Palmipedarium was done with blender, so it is normal thaht you didn't noticed anything for Skhizein.

  • Beorn Leonard

    Beautiful stuff. Great design. Great animation. Congratulations!

  • Colin Levy

    This is inspiring!  I want to know more about the lookdev process.  Great character design/visual style, and the animation itself looks excellent!

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