Blender Caliper for 2.6X Crowdfunding Campaign.

Dolf Veenvliet is using crowdsourcing to fund the porting of the Blender Caliper script from Blender 2.49 to 2.63. He needs a minimum of € 1.000, but more funds will enable him to add some extra goodies and extend the support. Dolf has a great reputation in the Blender community, so I’ve chosen to back him with this.

Dolf writes:

A new Caliper is coming!

The Blender Caliper script is a tool that lets you measure distances inside Blender 3D in real world values. Not only that but it also creates clean renderable objects to show the measurements. This way architects & designers for instance can show renders of their products and designs to customers including measurements that are meaningful, and that everyone can understand.

Ever since Blender 2.5 came out I have been receiving a couple of e-mails every month asking me whether I would create a new version of the Caliper python script/addon for the current Blender version. I think that Blender has stabilised enough for me to do so now!

I will start by creating a completely fresh script for the Caliper as a proper Blender 3D addon (or module). This addon will incorporate the basic Caliper functionality of creating an object which displays the distance between 2 points in Blender’s 3d space and can be rendered. Then this functionality can be expanded with more detailed measurements and live updating. Finally I propose to maintain the system for future Blender versions.

All the code will be released under a GPL license, and published on-line during the project.

Disclaimer: no promises of free drinks or other bribes have been made to facilitate this post. Unfortunately.


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  • John Milton

    Next month I will donate. I’m really interested in this script.

  • Jan Grajczyk

    It’s really great tool. I will donate tomorrow when fill my PAYPAL account.

  • Olaf

    I donated 50 euro 

  • Nemesis

    This will be really useful.

  • Darren Waschow

    125 Euro on its way!

  • carlos santos

    I wold love to donate, but the TROIKA is in Portugal…   so…  i’m sory for not donating, but i need to buy food first.

  • JBER

    Any chance on supporting imperial measurments as well? In America this is still predominate.

    • LiquidForgeStudios

      Yeah that would be nice…

    • IamInnocent

       The original Caliper, for 2.4x, supported it beautifully.

  • Utopia780

    Boa boa..

    Same situation than carlos!
    This will be a precious tool for us, product designers. 

  • Dolf Veenvliet

    Hello all,

    Thanks Bart for the post (of course I owe you lots of beers already anyway).

    JBER: yes the system will support both the imperial and the metric system. I was sure I had that on the page, but apparently I didn’t… thanks for pointing that out!

    Thanks everyone for the support and donations, I can’t wait to start… I am just finishing up another small private project (should be done before the end of this month), then I hope I can get going!!!

  • Gertjan Van Den Broek

    I donated what was left on my paypal acount, it’s not that much but .5% of 1000  is better than nothing at all.

  • Gradir

    At last! measurements in Blender

  • IamInnocent

    OK, I have added 25 Euro to my initial 50 centavos. ;)