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Diario AS - Real Madrid Mugs

By Juan Carlos Mostaza.

Juan writes:

It was a commercial made for Diario AS in order to promote the Real Madrid Football Club Mugs. The production company was LaCatedral Animation Studio located in Madrid (Spain).

The commercial was developed with Blender 2.62 (internal render). It was an overnight job where the postproduction motion blur and depth of field were achieved thanks to the blender post nodes.

We'd have liked to use the cycles render but we chose the internal engine due to the grass. We knew that we could render the grass in a different layer but we wanted to approach the project as an all in one job.


  • T.E. Mencer

    Hey - it works .. made me want a mug ...

  • Francisco

    Great work! I like it :-) What do you mean by "overnight"? How long did you take to do it, and how many people was involved?

    Espero verlo en la tele pronto =D

    • Cabronito

      same question here :)

      y yo tambien lo espero ver en la tele dentro de poco  tiempo ;)

    • Jcmostaza

      Thank you a lot. A job like this take about 1 day (not considering changes requested by the client). 2 people was involved. And it was aired two weeks ago.

  • Walshlg

    Nice camera and reflection effects too

  • w33d

    .... the guy who did it should be more carefull on IPO graphs, at least for DOF headaches...

  • Bec_frank

    Nice Job, (pero tengo al Madrid hasta en la sopa, ya solo me fataba el Madrid en el Blender, jajjaja.buen trabajo y saludos)

  • johnj

    i see a bit of SSS, is that real? very good job!

    • jcmostaza

      Thank you, but there is not SSS. 

  • Eric Olson

    It looks great really! I do notice the DOF blur kicks in for a flash frame right before Ronaldo's cup close up... look at the background before the cut. That said, for 2 people on a 1 day job you guys did great!

  • Raimon

    I'm a Barça supporter, but congratulations for the work anyway ;)

  • Email

    Great professional class work!

  • chromemonkey

    This was done with Blender under a time crunch?  I guess it CAN be used for professional work!

    (I know, I know... shouldn't jab at the bear while it's sleeping.)

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